12 Possible Reasons Why Your Guy Isn’t Texting You Back Immediately (No. 12 is a must read)

It tends to be quite annoying to send an instant message to a person you like just to be welcomed with a non-answer or response. There are of course many different contemplation that can go through your mind, and everything is truly beginning to worry you. You may accept that he simply doesn’t care for you, however you additionally need to assume the best about him.

You despise the uncertain nature of things, and there are simply an excessive number of conceivable outcomes that are consuming your mind at this moment. All things considered, to give you some significant knowledge with respect to why your man probably won’t answer you, Here are the probable reasons why he is not replying you:

1. He overlooked/lost his phone.

Possibly he simply doesn’t have his phone on him. He possibly left his workplace and heading home without knowing that his cell phone is still around his work area. It happens at times.

2. You seem to be extremely aggressive.

Quite possibly he may believe you to be excessively forceful in your way of trifling with him. A few men don’t react well to animosity. On the off chance that you feel like that is the situation, it may be ideal to back off and let him to make the initial approach.

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