“Every Nigerian Is Frustrated And Likes To Shout” – Kenyan Lady Outs Nigerians.

A new research was recently carried out by Zipjet which listed the most stressful cities in the world – a study which took some of the major stress-inducing factors into consideration, like unemployment, debt levels, traffic, public transport, security, pollution and amount of sunlight the city has.

Out of 150 cities listed as least stressful, Lagos came in at 147, making it the third most stressful city in the world.

Kenyan socialite, Sheila Wetangula has taken to her Instagram to recount her experience with Nigerians and opinionated they are all frustrated.

In her words:

“Been to nigeria a few times when I was working for sony and having dated a Nigerian and tried to do business with a few made me question my sanity and my once a month trips to see my therapist became weekly!!I was wondering if there is something wrong with Me!!My therapist advised me to stop going to Lagos which from April i haven’t and I’m so happy and feel sane !!Now I understand I’m perfectly normal!!That country everyone is frustrated !!Everyone likes to shout and I can’t even scream to save my life !!God bless Nigeria 😢”

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