Affiliate Disclouser

Affiliate Disclouser
Legal Terms
This official legal terms is effective as of October 2021 and may change with or without notice to you. Please visit this page often for any updates regarding our terms and policies.

Affiliate Disclosure
This website recommends exclusive products and/or services for its readers. All these products are well-worth your money but you have no absolute obligation to purchase any products you may see in this site. These advertisements are called affiliate products which this site is an exclusive member or commonly known as an affiliate. doesn’t use any contextual based networks or commonly known as pay-per-click advertisements. This means that every click on these advertisements won’t produce any earnings for me unless you purchase products and/or services from this affiliate network ads. These advertisements may show inside the blog posts, pages or along the side bar and footer of the site.

Please take note that the prices of any products and/or services which are advertised in this website will always be the same with or without purchases. This means that buying through this advertisements does not make the products and/or services more expensive in order to produce a commission. This affiliate disclosure is similar to all affiliate networks in the Internet marketing industry and we intend to maintain this site’s honesty and integrity by being open to you with regards to website monetization.

This site uses two affiliate networks to produce online income: Clickbank and Maxweb.