10 Amazing Facts about Noodles

One of the most loved meals around the world is noodles, which make the favorite of the young and old alike. The yummy treat is available in the market as instant noodles, which can be cooked in 5 minutes or the long cook variant which need 30 minutes of cooking time. Whichever variant you talk of, noodles make a worldwide hit among food lovers.

Here are 10 interesting facts about noodles you would love to know:

#1. China is believed to be the country of origin of noodles. They were made for the first time in 2000 BC, using a cereal grain called millet. Later, countries around the world started creating different variants in noodles, which were classified in accordance with the ingredients used for making them as well as the country where they were made.

#2. While China takes the credit of creating noodles, Japan is responsible for the invention of the easy to cook and inexpensive variety of noodles called instant ramen noodles. After the Second World War, the country suffered huge financial crisis and this invention was mass produced to feed thousands of hungry mouths in the country in an easy and cost effective manner. Today, instant ramen are considered as the cultural icon of the country and have made their market around the world.

#3. There are several customs attached with eating noodles in Japan, slurping loudly while eating your noodles is not considered a bad manner in the country. Rather, it signifies appreciation for your host that the meal being served is actually delicious.

#4. The dish has captured the fancy of the whole world. Amazingly, the annual consumption of noodles in Australia touches a whopping 18 million kg. The figure accounts to nearly 1 kg for every person.

#5. Noodles are considered good for health as they have a low sodium content as well as low fat content. They are high in vitamins and minerals such as iron, riboflavin, niacin and thiamin. In fact, noodles are considered as an excellent source of energy.

#6. Noodles are manufactured by using machine cutting or hand pulling, followed by drying them, which serves by increasing their shelf life. Alternatively, they can be stored fresh in refrigerator, where they stay good for a period of three days.

#7. Noodles represent longevity in China. This is the reason why they make an integral part of birthday celebrations in the country, just like candles and cake.

#8. Instant noodles may be considered as an inexpensive food item today, but the fact is that they were once sold as luxury item.

#9. Most of the flavors in the noodles from the Nissin Top Ramen brand are non vegetarian, with only Oriental and Chilli being the exception. Seasoning of flavors like beef, shrimp and chicken contain non vegetarian ingredients.

#10. Surprisingly, noodles make one of the cheapest meals as eating them in all your meals would cost you just $ 140 dollar a year.

Another surprising fact about noodles is the variety of ways they can be cooked or eaten, with some people even liking them raw!

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