Pizza is the Italian delight which has captured the fancy of the world and is today one of the most loved foods in the world today. How can you ever forget the first cheesy slice of pizza which melted in your mouth? Plus, the immense variety of toppings available in this fun food is another factor which accounts for its popularity.

Here are 10 interesting facts about this wonderful food called pizza:

#1. Pizza happens to be one of the most popular foods in the US. As many as 3 billion pizza pies are sold in the country annually, with every American consuming an average of 46 slices of pizza a year. The country has a total of 61300 pizzerias.

#2. Currently, the most sold pizza size in the US is that with 14 inch diameter. 38% of the population of the country prefers vegetarian toppings, while the remaining 62% would go for non vegetarian ones. Women prefer vegetables on their pizzas as compared to men.

#3. The world’s largest pizza ever had been made using 9920 pounds of flour, 1984 pounds of tomato puree, 3968 pounds of cheese and 198 pounds of salt. It measured 122 feet and 8 inches in diameter. You can well imagine what would be the calorie content of this massive pizza!

#4. The most popular toppings used in pizzas are chicken, tuna, eggplant, sprouts, oyster, artichoke hearts, dandelions and crayfish.

#5. Saturday night registers the highest sale of pizzas in the US. The top 5 sales days of pizza in the country are Super Bowl Sunday, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and the night before Halloween.

#6. Restaurateur Domenico Crolla is credited with making the most expensive pizza in the world. Known as the Valentine Pizza, it was proceed at $ 2745 and made using expensive ingredients like Scottish smokes salmon, edible gold, champagne soaked caviar and cognac marinated lobster.

#7. Pizza is considered as a perfect breakfast by 36% of people. However, it is not very healthy. In fact, studies have shown that the risk of esophageal cancer is elevated if you consume pizza once in a week.

#8. The country of origin of pizza has a special bill in its Parliament, which is aimed to protect the traditional dish by laying down the ingredients used in its preparation as well as the traditional method of processing and preparation of the food. The country specifies that only the ones which adhere to these specifications will be regarded as the traditional Italian pizzas.

#9. Domino’s Pizza has been considered as the top delivery service of pizza in the world. Pizza delivery boys claim that women are better at giving tips as compared to men. Also, the longest route of pizza delivery has been from Cape Town in South Africa to Sydney in Australia.

#10. One of the most surprising facts about pizzas is that the fastest pizza maker in the world can make as many as 14 pizzas in just 2 minutes and 35 seconds.

All these facts prove that pizza is as interesting as it is delicious!

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