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10 Ways Fast Food Effects Badly on Your Health

The trend of eating fast food has increased amongst children and young people today but they hardly realize how much damage they are doing to their health by indulging in such food items. Nature has created fresh foods like cereals, fruits and vegetables as the sources of good health but man has experimented with these to make fast foods, which cause more harm than good.

Here are 10 ways fast food affects your health in an adverse manner:


10. Weakness and fatigue

Those who eat a lot of junk food and less of fresh and natural ones, suffer from general weakness and fatigue as the former are not good enough to keep up the energy levels high. In fact, they are just fat and empty calories, which cause people to suffer from extreme weakness in the long run.

9. Loss of appetite

People who eat a lot of fast food have another bad effect on their health as they start suffering from the loss of appetite in the long run. Basically, fast food is only taste and zero nutrients, which does no good to the body and conversely it hampers the digestive health of a person.

8. Negative impact on brain function

Fast food consumption can not only affect the body but the brain too as it has been shown to create memory impairment in rats, according to some animal studies. Since these foods are high on unhealthy fats, they replace the brain’s natural healthy fats and hamper its functioning as well as learning ability.

7. Liver and kidney problems

Next amongst the adverse impacts of intake of fast food is the fact that regular consumption of such things can cause problems related to the functioning of liver and kidneys, as these organs find it hard to process such heavy and oily foods. Being high in salt and trans fats also makes fast food detrimental for these organs.

6. High risk of cancer

Excess use of fast food in every day diet can elevate the risk of certain types of cancers, particularly that of the digestive system as such foods are low on fiber and high in fat and sugar. These factors can result in growth of cancer cells in the colorectal area. Fried foods have been associated with higher risk of prostate cancer.

5. Poor digestion

Poor digestion is yet another way in which fast food can impact your health in a negative manner. People who eat a lot of fast food are susceptible to developing health issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux as the oil and fat that abounds in such food items, get deposited on the digestive lining and cause abnormalities in the functioning of the digestive system.

4. Stress

Fast food items are high in fat, which not only causes physical issues such as problems related to the heart, liver and kidneys, but also elevates the stress level. In fact, studies have proved that high fat foods are responsible for taking up the stress levels in the body. Foods like caffeinated drinks, sugar, saturated fats, salt and artificial flavors can trigger the stimulants in the body and cause a sudden spurt in the stress levels.

3. Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is the condition in which the arteries get clogged with cholesterol and there is plaque buildup in them, which can lead to poor functioning of the heart. Fast food can play a major culprit in causing this condition as it is high in both, salt as well as cholesterol. A large number of fast food items are cooked in generous quantities of oil and have more salt and sugar, which makes them harmful for cardiovascular health.

2. Diabetes

Another way in which fast food can have an adverse influence on health is by increasing the risk of diabetes, particularly in people who indulge in sweet nothings like colas, shakes, ice cream and pastries. Even salted items like French fries, hamburgers and cheese sandwiches are loaded with sugar. Regular and unchecked consumption of such foods can lead to spike in blood sugar levels, which in turn can cause diabetes, even in young people.

1. Obesity

A major chunk of world population is suffering from obesity these days because they are less conscious about eating natural and healthy food, and rather concentrate on fast food. Fast food items are high on calories and fat, which cause unprecedented weight gain of people who eat them regularly. Lack of exercise can aggravate their problems even further and cause obesity and related diseases.

Because fast foods have so many ill impacts, it is advisable to avoid them and focus on fresh and natural food items.


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