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10 Ways to Prevent Diabetes Effectively

Diabetes is a very common disease that strikes thousands of people every year and the numbers seem to be increasing every year. This is one disease that can also result in severe complications of the heart and the kidney. At the same time it can also cause amputation of the limbs and can cause even blindness (Diabetic retinopathy). Diabetes is also genetic and is found to run in families. Therefore it is very important to combat this disease by applying the 10 ways to prevent diabetes. The ways that can help in getting rid of diabetes have been enumerated as under:

Ways to Prevent Diabetes Effectively


1. Eat healthy

People should not indulge in taking uncooked food nor should they try to snack while cooking. This is something that goes for the women. Breakfast, meals and the snacks should be taken at the same time every day so that they are regular. Smaller portions of food should be taken more often instead of having three meals a day. This is a step that also helps a lot in losing weight.

2. Limit the intake of meat

Meat, fish and poultry products should not be taken by people more often during a week. These foods contain a lot of fat that can lead to diabetic conditions.

3. Watch TV while eating

It is a very good idea to listen to music instead of watching TV while eating. When a person watches TV, he or she is unaware of the food that he takes in and may also overeat which is not good for the health.

4. Skip desserts

Desserts and refined sugar should not be taken in excess especially while eating because this can lead to the growth of diabetic conditions in people.

5. Soil broth

The low soil broth should be used instead of butter and oil in order to avoid the fat that is contained in oil and butter, which can also lead to diabetes.

6. Drink water before eating

It is very essential to drink one full glass of water before eating because it would help in losing appetite and thus solving the danger of getting attacked by diabetes.

7. Healthy fast food

Healthy fast food such as salads, grilled chicken and fruits should be taken so that the diabetic conditions can be avoided.

8. Exercise a lot

It is very important to exercise a lot while trying to avoid diabetes because it keeps the body healthy and gives it the energy to fight several kinds of infections and diseases.

9. Brush your teeth after every meal

It is very important to floss and brush the teeth after every meal because it discourages the habit of snacking that is good in the effort of avoiding diabetes.

10. Eat slowly

It is very important to chew the food thoroughly while eating so that the stomach gets enough time to tell the brain that it is full which is the most effective of all the 10 ways to prevent diabetes.

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Steps to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes that can happen to anyone and the type 2 diabetes is the most common type in which the body does not produce any kind enough insulin or make use of the insulin in a proper manner. Type 2 diabetes is caused by inadequate exercise, poor diet and by an abnormal stress level. In type 2 diabetes, the cells in your body would resist to make use of the insulin that gets created in your body. The insulin is the most needed hormones that let the sugar from the blood to get into the needed parts in your body. When the insulin goes missing, then cells would get an abnormal level of insulin, leading to an increase in your blood sugar level. The following are the steps to prevent type 2 diabetes from happening to your body.

Exercise regularly

Make sure to exercise regularly and you should exercise at least 30 minutes in a day. Taking a walking by your neighborhood will be a good idea for people who are starting their exercise. After a few days of following routine walking and running, you can visit the gym to make yourself stay fit and healthy. When you exercise regularly, all the muscles get flexed and prevent type 2 diabetes from happening in your body.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

Avoid intake of sugar, meat fats and too much of salt in your daily food. The processed foods have the unnatural chemicals in them that can increase the blood sugar level in your body. Avoid such processed foods in your diet. Take enough amounts of protein and carbohydrate in your daily diet. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can help you balance the fat and sugar level in your body. Do not overeat as it can result in type 2 diabetes in the near future. Eat slowly so that you can avoid overeating.

Drink plenty of water

Water is a good source to keep your body stay hydrated and helps in a good blood flow all over your body. Drinking water before having your meal can prevent you from overeating.

Avoid junk foods to maintain a healthy weight

Avoid junk foods as it can easily prevent the occurrence of insulin in your blood. Maintain a healthy weight by monitoring your weight once in a week. A human brain takes 20 minutes time to make you feel full after a meal. It is highly recommended to eat slowly so that you can maintain a healthy weight without overeating.

Say no to drugs and alcohol

Smoking, drinking alcohol and having the habit of taking drugs regularly can prevent the insulin formation in your blood. Quit them all to notice the difference in your body. People who have been addicted to alcohol and drugs can have type 2 diabetes in the near future. Quit them to prevent them from happening in your body.

Stay away from stress

If you are stressed with your daily routine, then change them according to your own comforts so that you can stay away from stress and depression. Once you are free from any kind of stress, then your blood can flow fresh and produce a good insulin level in your body.

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