Are Liquid Supplements Right For Your Healthy Diet?

Liquid nutrition products like Ensureā„¢ and Boost (TM) have been used almost exclusively in nursing homes and hoispitals, until recently. We have seen companies marketing these drinks nutrition to people of all ages and all stages of health.

Liquid supplements are supposed to be the answer for busy moms with children running, business people running for the exit door without time to sit down to breakfast, and older adults who want to make sure they can enjoy their grandchildren. But what you really offer liquid nutrion product?

In general, these supplements are composed of proteins from water, sugar, milk and soy oils, vitamins and minerals. An 8-ounce can usually has 250 calories, and the deluxe version can have up to 355 calories. Mostly free of lactose, some have added fiber, and some are designed specifically for children or adults with certain health problems.

These companies are also selling supplements in the form of cups of milk and chocolate bar type with a different nutrientional content.

What nutritional need are companies trying to help meet consumers? The following are some of the reasons companies give for buying their products.

These advertising companies are using scare tactics to worry that you are not getting proper nutrition for their daily meals. It is true that some people are consuming less than the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of nutrients, this does not mean you will develop a deficiency disease. If you really feel you are not getting enough nutrients from food, contact a registered dietitian or nutritionist KSU Extension. They can help you identify their needs for supplements.

These “Come on the run” Liquid supplements can be a quick way to get vitamins, minerals and proteins, but is no longer necessary for good health! Scientists continue to discover new ingredienets in foods that provide health benefits. Consider this, canned supplements have a serious lack of fiber and other healthy components, but are actually high in sugar and calories. While this was ideal for the original purpose of the products, most healthy consumers will not want or need all the extra calories provided by the supplement.

In summary, although there is a need for liquid nutritional supplements of some medical conditions, these products are unnecessary for the average healthy person. Also, consider the cost of an 8 once can of liquid supplements to determine whether to include in your diet.

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