Are You Getting to Your Weight Loss Goals?

Many people embark on an ambitious program to lose weight before the holiday season. Usually this program starts in the fall and has an ambitious goal to be achieved by the holiday season. One thing that stands in the way of achieving goals is how realistic your workout plan is.

In starting out on a workout strategy, it is really important to include a practicality factor. How much do you really think you can achieve per week? If you are too aggressive, you run the risk of getting sick in trying to keep up to your schedule. Make sure to incorporate down time. On those days, you don’t have to do any activity. Regular life is enough to throw your schedule. One early morning meeting is all you need to get you off track.

A better way to achieve goals is to make your workout simpler with some flexibility thrown in. Instead of planning your schedule to be active every day of the week, try to plan workouts during your regular day. For example, a mother of seven planned her walks around the soccer field while waiting for her son’s soccer practices. She managed to get in her cardio workout for the week.

Most people can use their at work time to build in their stretches. This is the most neglected activity. Yet, stretching can relieve most neck, back and headache pain in the workplace environment. Repetitive strain syndrome is another workplace issue that can be relieved through a mini stretch during the day. This type of program can reduce absenteeism in the workplace.

It is amazing what a simple fifteen minute stretch program can do for your fitness level. In most cases, participants learn to breathe properly and reduce their stress level. These exercises can be interspersed throughout the day as well. Stretching during the day leads to increased workplace productivity.


In addition, we spend so many hours inside that our thinking ability is reduced owing to lack of fresh air. A small fifteen minute walk during the day can do wonders for your ability to be productive. You’re thinking ability increases with the increased flow of oxygen to your brain. This leads to fewer errors in your thinking ability. Communication skills are improved with increased breathing ability. During stressful situations, our breathing is short and quick. By learning breathing techniques, we can bring out a relaxed attitude through deep and long breathing. This brings out our workplace effectiveness. Weight loss is directly linked to our ability to deal with stress. So instead of pounding away at yourself for not keeping up to your schedule, take it down a notch and focus on your ability to deal with stress. Schedule an appointment with a certified personal trainer who can help you deal with your ability to perform in stressful situations.

For the past 20 years Hema has worked with many individuals, including executives at large corporations, to reduce stress, improve general health and workplace productivity. A variety of personal interests and professional paths have led Hema to her current role as a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and nutrition and wellness specialist. Hema is listed in Who’s Who in the World and is an author, lecturer and Can-Fit-Pro certified personal trainer who specializes in body-mind-spirit consulting and training women.

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