Babysitting – An Alternative Way to Lose Weight

One of the toughest endeavors of parents is to keep an eye to their children at all time. Babysitting is truly a strenuous task which is the reason why most parent put their children into day care centers while they work. Most parents don’t have time nor have enough patience to deal with their kids nagging behaviors.

Getting a babysitter is practically helpful especially if you have a busier lifestyle. But I suppose that you are aware that babysitting your own child can be more beneficial to both of you and your child especially with regards to emotional and physical aspects. Babysitting is inevitable in some point in our lives especially if you are planning to have your own family.

Taking care of your child helps tightens the emotional bond between parents and children. It helps develop good values and many other aspects of life. You can directly answer every questions that your child may ask you, which can help build confidence and knowledge. You can practically pass your customs unto your children by guiding them personally and not depending on babysitters.

But what are the benefits of babysitting for you? Physical benefits such as weight loss is one of the possible outcome of babysitting. So if you are overweight or suffering from obesity, babysitting is one good physical activity that you can do to lose weight.

Weight Loss Benefits of BabySitting

My wife got a little heavy with post-pregnancy. Although petite, her belly fat has gotten bigger compared from her previous figure. Well, pregnancy actually cause weight gain and this happens to all women. If you are suffering from this kind of issue, then you must learn how babysitting can help you lose weight.

However, losing weight after pregnancy is another dilemma that most women are dealing with. Fortunately, she was able to shed some pounds and regained her old weight. One of the reasons for this is babysitting. My wife never practiced any fad diets nor getting regular exercise as she works regularly in a day job.

Taking care of baby is an activity that can help you lose weight. With all the carrying, playing and sleepless nights, you will definitely regain your previous fit shape. It is an enjoyable process for parents and will promote a steady exercise regime.

Either you keep you own child or babysitting for others, one thing is certain and that is weight loss. Like any other exercises, intensity and consistency are the keys to fitness. Activities such as pushing the stroller, carrying the child and most especially the playing part, will help burn more calories and fat. So the more you spend time with your baby or kids, the more you shed unwanted pounds.

Depending on your weight, you can lose up to 300 calories per hour pushing a stroller, 400 calories per hour carrying your child and up to 500 calories per hour playing with your kids. You have to be creative on every activities you do and of course requires tremendous patience if you want to keep up with your child’s persistence and relentless energy.

Babysitting Activities for Weight Loss

Aside from strollers, carrying and playing, there are extra hundreds of activities that you can do with your child. Emily Cordz, one of the authors in Out of Stress, wrote a few number of activities that you can do with your child. The article was intended to put out the stresses of babysitting and instead have some fun playing with your child.

The list also applies on physical fitness. Some of the activities that can help you lose weight includes the following:

  • play hide and seek
  • play hopscotch
  • sing songs
  • walking
  • make some bubbles

Other activities includes swimming, walk the dog, play sports, tell some stories and many others. The more active you are, the more you lose weight and the more you strengthen your relationship with your child.

How to Support your Weight Loss Goal Further?

Babysitting will help you achieve your fitness goals. However, you also have to consider your health especially if you are depriving yourself of proper sleep because your baby is bothering you at night. You essentially need supplements that will help you lose weight and at the same time, protecting your body from getting poor health.

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