Blood Test For Diet Plan

Many ladies start a diet programme when they discover that they are on way to becoming over weight or have already become over weight. The best option is to exercise control on your diet before you develop the tendency to gain weight or become over weight. When one decides to start a diet programme, the general tendency is to reduce the food intake or skip one meal. This does not normally help a person to reduce weight. It is essential that this is accompanied with regular exercise.

To start a diet programme it is essential to draw up a diet chart and follow it. In addition, you need to draw up an exercise schedule so that both continue simultaneously. It is essential to consult your doctor on your diet plan. The doctor will be able to give you suggestions on this plan after getting some basic tests done. This will ensure that there are no side effects of dieting on your body. Some of the tests which the doctor will ask you to undergo can be the following:

Determination of the risk to your heart. This is done by getting the lipid profile of the blood done. The patient is asked to go to the testing lab. The blood sample is taken and tested for cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol in the blood. These are LDL and HDL cholesterol. While doing this test the analyst will also check the level of triglyceride in your blood. This represents unsaturated fat. This causes the blood to thicken. Based on these tests, the doctor will suggest whether to increase or decrease some items of food you propose to include in your diet plan.

The next test is of haemoglobin present in the blood. In case it is below the permissible limit you will need to take iron supplements in addition to the normal diet. The doctor can prescribe and include the consumption of green vegetables like spinach and apples.

It is equally important to get your sugar level checked both when fasting and after you have taken normal food. It is a fact that many people do not know that they are suffering from diabetes. In case you are suffering from this disease, you need to be careful and selective in your diet.

Thyroid function detected from blood test is another important test required to be done before going in for a diet plan.

In addition to the blood test the doctor will test your blood pressure to ensure that it is within the normal range.

Once assured of the fact that there are no major problems within your system you can start a diet programme. This way you will not get be likely to suffer from side effects and maintain your health along with reducing weight.


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