Brown Rice to Decrease the Risk of Diabetes

Brown rice, a well – known cereal grain, is very famous around the world for its nutritional value. Today, brown rice is necessary ingredient in every cuisine and respectful as a remedy that help treats many conditions and diseases, after all many ancient cultures and civilizations had known its value and usage.

A research, conducted in America in 2010, showed that the risk of developing Type B diabetes could be reduced by 10 percent if the daily intake of white rice is substituted for brown. In particular, the research concluded that people who eat two or more servings of brown rice a week are not in any danger of developing Type B diabetes. However, 20 percent of those who eat white rice every day are likely to develop it. The truth is that both white and brown rice are rich in vitamins and minerals, but the nutritional value of brown rice and its health benefits are in fact considerably higher.

Researchers noted that brown rice has a lower glycemic index then white. This index indicates the foods’ potential to raise the blood sugar. The higher the glycemic index is the greater is the potential of the food for raising the blood sugar level. A very powerful brain food such as brown rice keeps the blood sugar stabilized and realises the sugar slowly.

This research was conducted on almost 100 000 consumers that ranged in age from 26 to 87. The research started in 1984, and updated the information every four years through 2005 and 2006. Similar study, conducted in Shanghai in 2007, showed that middle-aged women who ate white rice were at increased risk of diabetes.

However, researchers indicated that other facts could contribute to the decreasing risk of diabetes. First, there are minerals found in brown rice that can enhance the organism and boost the immunity system. Being very rich with selenium, brown rice helps with treating heart diseases, different inflammatory conditions and certain types of cancer. One of the most important minerals in the brown rice is crucial for the bones, nerves and blood sugar level, and that is magnesium. Manganese helps the body create fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) that are beneficial for reproductive systems.

Other characteristics of brown rice are also very significant. This food is natural antioxidant thus helps attach toxins and substances causing cancer and eliminate them from the body. Fiber in brown rice facilitates digestion and helps eliminate waste, it reduces the chances of over-eating while helping you feel strong and full of energy. As a source of vitamin E, brown rice helps prevent congenital heart problems while vitamin B complex in it improves the skin. Natural oils in brown rice are responsible for the reduction of LDL forms of cholesterol. Finally, it is known that brown rice is crucial ingredient in every healthy diet.

Many believe that this is only the beginning of researching and that many more would be conducted in the future showing even greater benefits of brown rice.

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