Can Barley Grass Help You Lose Weight

Need another food source that can help you lose weight? If you do, then this post is for you. Today, I will discuss about barley’s health benefits particularly with weight loss. So do you eat barley grass?

Barley Grass is a type of wheat grass from the barley plant, a type of whole grain. This grass contains multiple vitamins, fiber, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. A perfect for over-all wellness, barley is now marketed as an alternative herbal supplement that promises different health benefits.

Like other “super foods” that I already discussed on this site such as blueberries and spirulina, barley is one of a kind grass that is almost a complete package for wellness. This is the reason why you may find lots of barley-based herbal products today.

The only vitamin that it lacks is vitamin D, a sun-based vitamin. So before I talk about its weight loss benefits, let me give you first its known health benefits.

Health Benefits of Barley Grass

Barley grass is a type of grass rich in soluble fiber called beta-glucan. This fiber helps in aiding any types of digestive problems such as constipation or diarrhea. A friend of mine is taking three capsules of barley grass supplement everyday which improved her bowel movement. Since taking barley, she said that she was able to lose weight safely without losing energy.

Barley is also rich in insoluble fiber, more than the whole wheat actually. Insoluble fiber helps absorbs water effectively which speeds up all the intestinal processes inside the body. This helps prevent colorectal cancer, digestive disorders, hemorrhoid and many others.

Together with vitamins, fiber and essential amino acids, barley can also effectively lower your bad blood cholesterol levels while increasing your good cholesterol levels. High bad cholesterol together with your triglycerides are signs of a pending heart disease. Cardiovascular problems may co-exist with obesity or any other weight issues, derived from too much bad cholesterol.

Above all, barley is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential in fighting off all free radicals that invades your body. Free radicals are toxins that cause various diseases such as cancers. Plus, with antioxidants, barley can help slow your aging and helps improve skin.

Weight Loss Benefits of Barley Grass

This type of grass is ideal for weight loss and weight management due to its fiber, vitamins and minerals content. It primarily has the lowest glycemic index of all wheat grass family. This means that barley is quickly digested inside your body system which is good for your blood sugar levels to prevent weight fluctuations.

Where to Get Barley Grass

The actual barley plant can be purchased on local vegetables stand or supermarkets. However, barley grass is marketed as a herbal supplement so it is quite difficult to acquire barley grass. But you may find tons of online sites such as Amazon or eBay that sells barley grass products. This can be in the form of juice, pills, tea or powdered forms. Click here to purchase barley grass products from Amazon.

If you want to try the power of barley grass for either weight loss or wellness.

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