Can Singing Help You Lose Weight

You probably wonder why more and more Filipinos are finding their way to worldwide singing stardom. It’s because singing or music in general is already part of our culture, being a great pastime entertainment. In fact, almost every house here have its own videoke system. Do you love to sing?

So what is the relationship of singing to weight loss? Can it help you lose those unwanted fat? If you have been following this site for some time now, you probably learned that any activity can help you lose weight, even while you sleep. How much calories you burn in singing? Lets find out.

Fact about Singing and Weight Loss

singing and weight lossSimple activities that burn calories includes gardening, washing your car, dancing and many others. Such activities can help you maintain a healthy weight. But what about singing? As I have said, you can lose calories in any activities you do, provided that you boost your metabolic rate by eating the right diet and of course regular exercise.

Singing is not an exemption. You can lose up to 90 calories per hour of singing. If you use ShepeSense calorie calculator, you will learn that singing in both standing and sitting positions have different results. An article in shows that a 35 year-old woman burns about 90 calories per hour when singing sitting down and 121 calories when standing. If she sings with body movement, she burns about 310 calories.

In general, most people believes that a minute of singing session can burn up to 4 calories. If you conjunct some movement, like singing in a choir for example, you can burn up to 6 calories per minute. So the more you sing, the more you lose calories.

To further increase your chance of weight loss, you have to combine basic dancing and singing. Different dance routines can make you slim so if you can conjunct singing into it, then you have bigger chance of losing weight. Just take Beyonce or Michael Jackson as an inspiration.

Summary on Singing and Weight Loss

Yes, you can lose weight thru singing. But obviously, you can’t sing all day especially if you don’t have a good voice. Singing your way to fitness is not the right approach, even if you combine dancing. You have to vary your activities so that you won’t become bored on your weight loss program.

Also, each of us don’t produce similar results of calories burned in a specific activity. Studies confirmed that men burns more calories per hour compared to women, while large or overweight people burn more calories than non-overweight individuals.

If you want to lose weight naturally and keep it off for good, then you have to apply three things consistently. First is to apply a personalized diet plan that won’t harm your health. Second is a consistent exercise regime which may include singing and dancing. And third is your choice of best weight loss supplement that will support your fitness program.

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