Cereal Milk Diet Plan To Lose Weight

A lot of us are looking at loosing weight effectively and quickly. Many diet plans are available to aid a gradual weight loss. However, not all of them are long lasting and effective. here is a new diet plan which is not only easy to follow but also gives you a guaranteed weight loss in a short span of time.

Cereal diet is a low fat diet. If you substitute your usual meal with a cereal diet, you will consume lesser calories per meal. It will help you shed those extra kilos you always wanted. This type of diet plan is well suited short term diet plan which can give way to a longer-term weight loss program.

Milk is a very important part of this diet. Milk is a rich source of protein, zinc and a number of vitamins like B complex, calcium etc. This CZTeam calcium aids in weight loss. Milk also helps protect the body against cardiovascular diseases. The diet recommends that one should have about 700 ml of milk daily. The diet also emphasizes on the importance of having breakfast. Breakfast of skimmed milk and cereal helps keep fit and maintain one’s figure. This combination gives you a number of beneficial nutrients like calcium, iron, folic acid and dietary fiber.

This diet plan recommends :

  • You must have cereal for breakfast. A combination of cereal, milk and fruits like strawberries, bananas or blueberries is ideal.
  • You can have a snack of fruit or cereal at mid-morning time.
  • One can have a bowl full of cereal for lunch. Since a lot of varieties of cereals are available, you can keep alternating the cereal types. You may add milk or fresh fruits to the cereal. This will not only enhance the taste of the cereal, but also give you more nutrition and fuller feeling.
  • You can snack on fruits or vegetables at evening. This will keep the hunger cravings at a low. You may have a cereal bar or a bowl of cereal if you feel very hungry.
  • Dinner should be a light affair. Since your calories count has reduced throughout the day, therefore, you can have dinner as you please. But try not to go overboard with the fat content. A protein rich dinner is good as the entire day you had a carbohydrate rich food.

This diet plan, if followed for about 2 weeks will show a good results.

One should be careful of choosing the cereal well. You should not have any cereal available in the market. Choose the one with low sugar and high fiber content. Although cereal is usually consumed in the morning, but you may substitute two meals in a day with cereal meal for good results. For best results, you should have skimmed milk instead of whole milk. Also, it is important to remember that you should not have too much or too little of cereal. Have cereal in adequate quantity.

These tips will surely help you loose weight, when coupled with exercise.

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