Complications Of Obesity

Obesity can be caused by a large number of factors. One may be fond of overeating, have an immobile lifestyle or may totally avoid any kind of exercise. In such a person obesity is but a natural outcome. Sometimes, genetic factors and hormonal imbalances also lead to obesity. Obesity in such cases becomes all the more serious if accompanied by lapses on part of the individual also.

Obesity is not a simple problem. In fact it can lead to hordes of other physical and psychological problems. Various syndromes also tend to kick off as a result of obesity. An important ramification of obesity is the Pickwickian syndrome.

In this syndrome a person experiences respiratory obstruction during sleep (i.e. he is not able to breathe). This state can continue for well over a minute and this increases the danger considerably. A person may also experiences consistent headache and loss of intellectual/concentration power. Among other treatments loss of weight is a prominent remedy for this syndrome.

Another major complication of obesity is the Laurence Moon Biedl Syndrome. This is basically a fault of the pituitary gland but can be aggravated by the presence of excessive fat in the body. A person suffering from it may develop cataract and may experience loss of facial hair too. Other life-threatening situations may also arise. Shedding extra weight is one of the remedies.

An obese person is at a high risk of suffering from the Cushing’s syndrome. In this syndrome, the muscles of the patient grow weak and his skin becomes thin. He may also experience unusually high blood pressure and abnormal hair growth (in case of women). The immune system also becomes weak and the wounds take longer time to heal.

In addition to the risk of above mentioned syndromes, obese persons usually suffer from arthritis and diabetes. They also experience loss of physical power as their muscles tend to become weak and flaccid. The joints (especially the knees) are not able to bear excessive weight and develop aches.

High cholesterol builds up in the body and this constricts the blood vessels. As a result the blood pressure is increased beyond the safe limits and chances of heart attack become greater. Obese people even complain of severe pain the chest because of the narrowing of the blood vessels and even are more prone to strokes.

Increased cholesterol also leads to stones in the gall bladder. What’s even more frightening is that cancer has also been included in the list of complications of obesity, as suggested by some studies. Various kinds of problems during pregnancy are also linked to obesity. In short, it can be said that obesity is the cause of mortality (early death) and morbidity (outbreak of various diseases) in the human body.

In addition to physical complications, obese persons also suffer from low self-esteem and increased mental stress levels. They usually become the laughing stock of others and therefore are not able to adjust themselves in their surroundings.

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