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Diabetes affects the quality of life to a great extent. Diabetes, if not controlled can be fatal. It can affect all the major organs of the body such as the heart, the kidneys, the liver, and the eyes. Diabetes is, in actuality, a disorder rather than a disease that paves ways for other major diseases. It harms the immune system of the person affected with it. Diabetes though mostly genetic, can also issue from intake of improper food that lack nutritive elements. However, the faster is the disorder detected, the quicker can the steps be taken to control it. Here are mentioned some of the symptoms of diabetes.

Excessive hunger

Diabetes causes disproportion in the insulin level in the blood of the affected person. As it is that the insulin level is disproportionate, blood cells cannot draw energy for performing the daily activities of life. Consequently, the body tries to find energy. This causes unusual hunger in the affected person.

Increase in thirst and urination

The diabetics also suffer a disproportionate increase in thirst and thus an increased rate of urination. This is one of the major symptoms of diabetes. This causes greater tendency in the body to be dehydrated and thus the body craves for more fluid for functioning properly.

Diabetes symptoms types



People suffering from diabetes feel fatigued and exhausted much easily as compared to others. This is because glucose, that is associated with the release of energy in the body cells, does not reach the cells, their concentration being higher in the blood vessels. Thus, in the body of a person suffering diabetes, less energy is produced. This causes easy fatigue and exhaustion in such people.

Sudden loss in weight

Diabetes, in most of the case, is accompanied with a sudden loss of eight. This weight loss is not triggered by any external factors or changes such as exercise or exhaustion. Such persons should get a blood test done immediately. As for the loss in weight, it occurs because the body fails to absorb glucose at the normal rate and also because of frequent urination.

Blurred vision

Diabetes can be as dangerous as should spoil the vision of the affected person. Increased concentration of glucose in blood absorbs the fluids from the eyes, thus affecting the vision by blurring it. These symptoms of diabetes if ignored can lead to blindness.

Slow healing wounds

Diabetes causes impairment in the immune system of the affected person. Consequently, wounds take a longer time to be completely healed. As for women who have diabetes, they are more prone to suffering from vaginal or bladder infections.

Tingling feet and hands

Extreme blood sugar levels affect the blood vessels so that the senses in hands and feet are affected. It also causes a burning sensation in the hands and feet. This is due to a loss of the motor nerve fiber.

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