Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers And Bonding

With the desire to have a beautiful smile, women who do not have white, even and sparkling teeth, are ready to go in for any type of dental cosmetic treatment. If you do not have good teeth you can develop low self-esteem, feel shy of going to social gatherings and smile and laugh with an open heart. To overcome this problem dental science has devised a process of restoration of teeth, this is called veneer. Veneer is a thin layer of restorative material bonded on the surface of the teeth.

A dentist can restore teeth which may have been damaged or partly broken or got discolored due to some bacterial action. This process can also restore the discolored teeth grown naturally, as in the case of certain tribes or people living in certain regions. Even multiple teeth can be given cosmetic makeup to give a model type makeover.

This process can also help people who have uneven sized teeth or in cases where the teeth are not symmetrical and have gaps in them making the teeth look crooked and person look unattractive. Multiple veneers can close the gaps between teeth; the shorter teeth in the denture can be lengthened so that they are in line with other teeth. Discolored teeth can be covered up to give uniform color.

Veneer is a process by which a thin translucent layer made of porcelain or some other resin material is bonded on the teeth. This veneer is quite durable and can last up to ten years. It does not change color, the only requirement being proper cleaning and brushing using a soft toothbrush. This process can normally be completed in two sittings with a dentist. This process is more durable as compared to bonding.

Bonding is another process of tooth dentistry used by smile clinics. In this process, a resin material resembling the natural color of the teeth is used. After cleaning the teeth this resin is glued to the teeth and made to dry. Then the material is hardened using blue laser light gun. Once hardened it is almost permanent and can last up to fifteen years. This process can be done for covering the gaps between the teeth, or also in case of the persons whose gums have detached from teeth.

Both these processes involve cost. It is necessary to be certain of the benefits that will accrue from this process. In certain cases, the dentist will try to convince you to get these processes done to make money.

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