Couple of Things That Need To Be Emphasized in Nutrition

  • Take as many kinds of healthy food type including grain, legume, fruits, vegetables, red meat and white lean, fish and low-fat dairy-products.
  • Try to avoid taking fatty food. Although some types of fat is needed to ensure health and regulate body temperature, you should also be careful. Fat in most food does not only make you fat, but risk your health.
  • Foods rich with unsaturated fat such as avocado pears, palm oil and olive oil are good. Also foods rich with omega-3 fat like in seafood.
  • Lessen sugary food intake. Food with sugar usually does not contain nutrition required by the body.
  • Too much sugar can invite the risk of diabetes. At sometimes, make blood sugar level check. This way you can plan your nutrition or diet better and perfectly.
  • Choose foods that have lower glycemic index (GI) such as oat, legume, rice, wholemeal bread, low fat milk and junket to control the glucose level in blood.
  • If one do not have time to exercise, do active movement for at least 30 minute daily. This is important to increase the rate of body metabolism. Exercising is also beneficial in taking care body weight.

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