Diabetes and Eating Out

If you are a diabetes patient you must remember to be cautious while eating out. You may be eat out occasionally or you may be eating out regularly, the most important point to remember while eating out is to make your portion size moderate and choose your food carefully, if you are a diabetic. You should do few things while eating out and some points/things are discussed here:

Read the menu carefully:

This is an important part if you eating out. If you are a diabetic, you must be well aware of different foods you should eat and the foods you should avoid. There are also many restaurants that provide nutritional information about the food they are making available to customers. Read the menu carefully and select your meal accordingly.

Make your portion size moderate:

If restaurant is offering large size portions, you should order small or half size portions, because diabetes nutrition is based on small or medium size portions. To reduce portion size you can share your meal with a friend/partner or request ‘take home’ pack/container. It is best to avoid buffet, where you can eat all, because eating even small portions of several items can add up to make large number of calories.

Substitute with diabetes friendly food items:

Substitute high calorie/carbohydrate food items such as French fries with salad or fresh 100% fruit juice.

Speak to the chef:

This is a good idea if you are eating out (if you are diabetic). Speak to the chef and request broiled/roasted/grilled foods instead of fried foods. Ask for whole grain bread instead of refined and processed bread.

Be careful with the drink you select:

Drinking beverage can add large number of calories without your knowledge. Do not take sweetened soda, ask for diet soda instead. Instead of taking sweetened drinks ask for iced tea (without sweetening), mineral water etc.

Consuming alcohol can worsen your blood sugar status, so avoid it. If you decide take alcoholic beverage, you can try beer, dry wine in moderation or mixed drinks.

Eat on time even if you are eating out:

Make sure to have your meal on time. This is an important part of diabetes management.

Dessert for a diabetic:

If you are diabetic do not think that dessert is out of limit for you. If you plan to have a nice dessert, make sure to reduce (compensate) amount of other carbohydrate you eat during meal, such as rice, potato, bread etc.

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