Diet Traps To Avoid In Summer

Summers are considered as good season for dieting. It is said that you can loose as much excess fat in summers as you want and try to minimize cellulite to the lowest possible.

The main reason behind this thought is that in summers, you want to consume as light food as possible. Salads, fruits, vegetables, juices are a preferred menu as against rich or oily foods. Such salads, juices etc give you a lighter yet fuller feeling and keep you cool. Although this sounds good and true, but this is not as simple as it sounds. Some foods that we consume in the summer season not only defeat our efforts to loose weight and keep fit, but aggravate this problem even more!


Who does not enjoy the warm summer sun? We usually want to go out and enjoy ourselves in this season against the chilly winter season. Each one of us looks forward to the enjoyable picnics on a warm sunny summer day. Here comes our trap. We tend to overeat or relish salads on these days. Although salads like potato salads are considered to be good and healthy, however, one must not forget that the same salad is a source of high calories. Potato is very rich in carbohydrates. Adding to this, the salad dressings are full of calories. Mayonnaise-based salads should be completely ignored.

One should have salads which contain pure fruits and vegetables. Such salads should not contain mayonnaise. Even preservatives should be avoided. Ready to eat salads purchased off the shelf of supermarkets may contain preservatives. Therefore, salads are best prepared at home.


One tends to have a lot of drinks and beverages in the summer seasons to beat the heat. However, these non alcoholic drinks and cocktails contain too many calories. Also, these drinks do not do much to quench your thirst. Therefore, the best option is to have drinks like home prepared lemonade or even simpler a glass of water. These drinks will not only satisfy your thirst but also keep you calorie free.

Carbonated drinks, sweetened juices etc should be avoided. One should have home prepared fresh juices or if bought from the market, then you should opt for non sweetened juices. Alcoholic drinks should be ruled out altogether. Cocktails and mock tails should also be avoided.

It is very easy to fall into the diet trap in warm seasons. But if you give a small thought to what you eat or drink, you can easily and successfully shed off loads of weight in the summer season.


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