Does Personality Type Diet Plan Help?

Every person has a different personality and reacts differently to each situation. So, should not the diet for each person be designed to suit their personality type? Following this thought process, researchers have developed what is called diet based on personality type of each person. Such dieting involved a diet plan which understands that dieting is a personal affair and thus different from person to person. Following a diet plan which suits your personality maximizes your chance of successful weight loss or weight management.

So what exactly is diet based on personality? Such a diet is a diet which couples exercising with well planned diet. But what is different with this diet is that this diet recognizes that there is no diet which fits the needs of every person. Every diet has to be tailored according to the personality and needs of every person.

The Personality Type diet is based on answers of 66 questions. These 66 questions are related to the person’s lifestyle and attitudes toward eating, work out, and coping. Once these questions are answered, these are studied and seen which category doest the person fall in. Such categories includes likes of ‘Mindless Muncher’, ‘All-or-Nothing Doer’, ‘Can’t-Say-No Pleaser’, ‘Nighttime Nibbler’, ‘Hate-to-Move Struggler’ etc.

Specific advise is then offered based on the category you fall into, and specific diet is planned for your particular personality type. For example, for impulsive people, white meat, cooked or grilled, nonfat yogurt, fruit is recommended. Also such people should try and have their food in a relaxed manner.

The diet based on personality consists of all plant based foods like Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, soya products, seeds, beans, lentils etc. These products have a low fat content but high in nutrients content. However, this diet is not hundred percent based on vegetarianism. However, its focus is most definitely on plant based foods. Some fish and poultry based foods are also included. Foods like lean red meat and beef are avoided.

Experts says that such diet combines good tips of almost all diets and presents a comprehensive plan for loosing weight. This diet does not contain any useless fads. The diet is for people who seriously want to loose weight. The diet also work on areas like self-respect, self-acceptance, and change in outlook. An all round change will be able to bring about lasting results.

The only drawback of this diet is that too much information is involved in this diet, which can be confusing and overwhelming. However, for people seriously looking for loosing weight, this diet is highly recommended and helpful. This way we can say that the ‘diet makes the personality’ is also correct statement.

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