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Doing HCG Diet to Fit into Your Desired Clothes

Are your old pretty clothes not fitting you? Is your wardrobe getting stacked up with clothes that fitted you few days or a few months back but now fitting into those seems like a bad dream to you?

Had you ever visited the trial room of a shopping centre to try your most favourite dress and then figured out you require a size larger than you usually wear?

Your reply to all these questions might be in positive if you have suddenly put on some extra weight on your body. In fact, there is no end to such situations that will make you realize that you have gained way too much weight.

Of course you want to fit into your earlier clothes or the clothes that you find extremely beautiful in the stores but are not available in your size.

Such instances might make you feel dreadful and pathetic of having not done anything about your weight gain. So what’s the solution?

Well, there are tons of suggested ways to lose weight by many but the ideal one is opting for the HCG diet. If you decide on doing the HCG diet, you are bound to fit into awesome clothes that you have always wished to.

What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a hormone that is found in the body of the pregnant women. This is the hormone that the HCG injections and drops comprise, which helps in faster weight loss.

So, when you think of finding a way for losing weight in a short period of time, it is HCG that will come to your rescue. It results in miraculous weight loss to reduce all your obesity related issues.

It reshapes the stubborn portions of your belly and hip by burning the accumulated fat. HCG curbs your hunger and appetite which controls your untimely hunger pangs. In order to heighten the effects you need to take the low calorie HCG diet along with the hormones which are available in the form of drops and injections.

So What is the HCG diet?

HCG diet is an extremely low calorie diet comprising of about 500 calories for per day consumption. With the help of this diet, the metabolic rate is increased which therefore helps in the burning of the unwanted fat from the stiff areas of your body.

It is a better form of controlling and maintaining the muscles too that is going to provide you with a body shape that is eye-catching and inspiring at the same time.

Is HCG Diet a Better Diet to Follow?

You might have moments of break down after hearing a lot of comments from your friends, family or even strangers about your overweight.

They might give you tons of dieting tips and options to follow, which could in turn make you get totally confused. As a result you might end up following a mixed up diet that would be actually of no use.

HCG diet is effective and safe as it ensures you witness fruitful results without any kind of side-effects. It will help you to win back good comments about your beautiful slim and trimmed figure just like before.

This low calorie diet works perfectly well by controlling the hunger pangs and makes sure the weight-loss routine is well-maintained. The 500 calories diet is a hard and tough one to follow but it is surely worth it if followed judiciously.

What does the HCG Diet Food Plan Include?

Here is the list of the low-calorie foods that comprise the effective HCG diet:

  • You can have boiled chicken, white fish, beef, crab, shrimp and lobster, except the fats. Avoid salmon, tuna and pickled fish.
  • You can have vegetables like green salad, spinach, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, asparagus, chicory, red radishes, etc.
    Fruits that you can consume can include oranges, apples, strawberries and grapefruit.
  • It is best to have one piece of Melba toast or a breadstick.
  • While having this diet you can have at least one tablespoon of milk with either tea or coffee every day.
  • Definitely avoid any kind of sugar, butter, oils and carbs.
  • Stages of the HCG Diet

If you have to convince yourself to take the leap of faith, then you should definitely know about the stages of the HCG diet that you would get into. The big steps of the HCG diet are divided into three stages which are as follows:

Loading stage – This is the beginning phase of the HCG diet, where the diet allows consumption of every kind of fatty and carbohydrate type of foods. You can have anything and everything you like in these two days and get prepared for the bigger and the tougher stages.

Burning stage – This is the main stage of the HCG diet that comprises of 500 calories only. This diet ranges from 26 to around 43 days and during this stage you need to follow the diet strictly. There are a few cheat days when you needn’t to follow it so strictly but make sure you do not make the cheat days your habit. You should follow the burning stage religiously to see how the extra kilos are burned away in this stage.

Maintenance stage – As the name suggests, this is the phase after you have lost all the unnecessary and unwanted weight from your body. The duration of this phase ranges for about 3 weeks and the diet mainly includes a starch-free diet. There should be no room for adjustments here.

HCG diet is an assured and a proven form of dieting that is also confirms that your fashion goals and dreams are not impossible to attain. Even you can get into the wonderful and beautiful outfits that would make others envy you and your fashion sense.

A little bit of push is all that is required to get the dream figure to fit into the clothes that you desperately want to wear. Then why not try it? HCG is the ultimate dieting solution that is going to make you the diva that you want to be. So get, set, ready to witness magic!


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