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Eat Slowly to Lose Weight

Here is a great tip for losing weight that you can use without changing anything about your diet or your daily exercise routine, if you even have one. It revolves around the food you eat, but while it is recommended that you eat a healthy diet, this tip just works on anything that you eat. So what is it?

Whatever you have on your plate in front you at meal times, you simply have to change the speed that you eat it to more slowly. That’s all!

Now that might sound a little too easy to be of any value, but that’s where you are in for a surprise. Here’s how it works in detail, so you can get it right and not mess things up.

Start at the Table

Start by sitting down at the table with your plate in front of you and your knife and fork at either side of the plate. Don’t be in such a rush to pick them up just yet, because you’re going to do something really important here first.

You are going to look at that meal in detail and then you are going to analyze your thoughts on it. Take several seconds over this or more if you like. Just focus your concentration on the meal before you and register in your thoughts exactly what you see.

Take it all in: the meat; the vegetables; the fish; the pie or whatever it is on your plate. Make sure you are aware of every item and then you are going to do something else really important.

Next, do this really simply thing of smelling the food. That’s right, get close and have a real good sniff of what’s on the plate. Sound a little crazy? Well it’s not and I’m going to tell you why in a moment.

Register the aroma of that meal in your thoughts and associate the different aromas with each item on the plate. Smell the meat and associate it with the image of the meat.

Smell the vegetables and associate it with the image of the vegetables etc. Once you’re done, then you can pick up the knife and fork and cut your first mouthful.

Portion Awareness

Now you are going to be aware of the size of the portion you just put on your fork before you put it in your mouth. Think on it for a second… is it too much, do you think? Will it all fit in your mouth or do you think there is a little too much there? If you think there’s too much, take a little off your fork before you put it in your mouth.

Once you take that mouthful of food, be aware of the flavor, the taste in your mouth. Spend a little time as you chew slowly and really get the flavor so you recognize it. Put down your knife and fork in the meantime, because you won’t be needing them right away.

Once you are satisfied with the flavor of that food, you can swallow it but do it slow, cause there’s no rush. No prizes for being the first to finish! Now that you have completely swallowed that mouthful and only when its completely swallowed do you pick up your knife and fork and take the next bite.

Repeat Until Replete

Repeat this for each bite of food until you feel that you have had enough. You may find that you have not eaten everything on your plate at this stage, but if a little voice inside your head has made it known that you have had enough, then push the plate away cause you have finished.

So what has just happened there?

Well, by taking the time to recognize the visual image of the meal, then its aromas and then its flavors, you have given your brain time to work out exactly what’s on your plate. And that has sent down the signal to your stomach and digestive system to prepare for what’s coming.

It all takes a little more time, but the reason for that is that you are working with your body and giving your digestive system a chance to send the message back to your brain when your stomach is satisfied with the amount of food it has and your digestive system doesn’t need any more.

Satisfied but not Gorged

This will mean that not only will you eat less and still feel completely satisfied with what you have eaten, but you will have taken in far less calories which your digestive system will be able to use up more efficiently. That’s because your focus was on the meal you were eating and not something else.

It’s a pretty clever way to cut down on the food you eat, while maximizing your digestion’s ability to take sufficient nutrients from the food and store less of it as fat, leading to weight loss when you make a point of doing this at every meal.

Not only that, but you will also be more aware of the food you are eating and if its not up to scratch, for instance if it contains too much junk or is too high in saturated fats, you will be more aware that you need to eat less of these foods and include more of the healthy things that will further promote your good health and maintain your weight better.


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