Effects Of Carbohydrate Deficiency

Each and every woman dreams of having a body build which should appeal to every onlooker. For a beautiful body, we need to have healthy mind, should have good eating habits, take proper care of our skin and should do regular exercises. Healthy food and happy lifestyle is said to be the best way to keep young, but food we eat also plays an important role in our life.

Eating food rich in carbohydrates has been found to be a way for us to live long and lead a healthy and energetic life. Carbohydrates present in our food are a source of energy to the human body. Long and youth full life is controlled by two genes present in our body. One of the genes controls the aging process of our body and another gene help to keep us young. These are both controlled by the genes that control insulin production in our body. In case the gene that controls insulin becomes active, the gene controlled by it which controls the aging process also becomes active, and the aging process is accelerated.

It can be rightly said that by limiting the intake of carbohydrates the gene that controls insulin production becomes less active and consequently the activity of the aging gene will be reduced, making us feel young. Just like sugar, excessive intake of carbohydrates could play havoc with our body as the insulin levels will keep moving up and down at a very fast rate and could lead to innumerable problems including insatiableness of our systems. In addition, heavy intake of carbohydrates could result in development of type 2 diabetes, heart problem and metabolic syndrome.

Thus it is necessary to plan the diet in a manner that it includes rich complex carbohydrates such as fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. The diet overloaded with refined carbohydrates such as fast and junk foods, liked by the younger generation, is most likely to lead you to unstable insulin levels, fat deposit in body and many a consequential problem.

A research on effect of carbohydrates on the human being has also been done on a community living in north Ecuador. These people are low in height and look tiny. Due to the genetic reason and food habits, they stay young for long and are free of dread diseases like cancer. Being deficient in insulin, these people remain short and the body growth is below normal due to deficiency of insulin.

Thus one can easily conclude that to look and remain young for a longer time, control intake of refined carbohydrates and go in for low carbohydrate cooking medium. Do regular exercises and keep yourself happy and occupied.

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