Eliminate Water Retention

The best way to eliminate water retention that can sabotage your weight loss efforts and look slimmer.

Our environment contains a lot of toxins that we absorb mainly through the air we breathe, the food we eat and liquid we drink.

If the body can’t get rid of these toxins immediately it stores them in fat, far away from the vital organs.

As you burn fat those toxins are released into the blood stream.

We all want to lose weight fast but as weight loss releases toxins into the blood stream, it might actually be a good thing to pace ourselves, to give our bodies a chance to get rid of the toxins.

Internal Cleansing

Drinking water is necessary to the cleansing process. Toxins cause headaches, poor concentration and fatigue, but not only. They can also make you look bigger, bloated.

This is because too many toxins circulating in your system is one of the causes of water retention. The body holds on to water for protection, to dilute the dangerous toxins.

As you hold on to water your body will swell. This is not weight gain because you’ve been eating too much, but it can be very frustrating and confusing as you won’t see your weight go down despite eating the right way.

The cleansing process is ongoing, but takes place mainly at night while we sleep. You may recognize it by bad morning breath, emptying your bowels in the morning etc, so starting your day with a glass of good quality water is a good habit not only while you’re on a weight loss quest. It helps in the cleansing of the toxins you’ve accumulated over night.

As a bonus you will also improve the fat burning process. A good supply of water is required in order for the fat burning process to function efficiently.

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