Five Foods to Avoid in Gout

Gout is a disorder of purine metabolism; the end product of purine metabolism is uric acid and there excess uric acid in blood in gout (in most of the cases). There is severe inflammation in various joints (commonly metatarsophalangeal joint of big toes), which is due to deposition of uric acid crystals. In gout, there is a usually acute attack of sudden and severe inflammation, which may last for days, unless treated adequately. As uric acid is disorder of purine metabolism, certain foods with high purine content can aggravate or precipitate gout and they must be avoided, by a patient suffering from gout.

It is very important to know which foods to be avoided in gout. In fact, it is more important that knowing which foods are good in gout.

The following foods should be avoided in gout:

Red meat:

Red meat such as pork, beef etc. have high purine content. In comparison, white meat (such as chicken, duck etc.) has lesser purine content and better for patients with gout. It is therefore better to avoid red meat if you have gout. Red meat is common dietary ingredient for most of us, hence, it is more important to avoid them.

Beer and alcohol:

Beer and other alcoholic drinks are two-edged swords. They increase uric acid production as well as makes it difficult for your body to remove uric acid by excretion through kidney. Occasional wine is a better option. During flare-up of got total abstinence is advisable.


Avoid herring, tuna and other seafoods (as they have high purine content) if you are suffering from gout or hyperuricemia (high uric acid level in blood/serum). It is okay to have lobsters, shrimp, and crab.


Organ meats, such as kidneys, liver should be avoided as far as practicable, because they can cause significant increase in blood/serum uric acid level.


Asparagus and other fast growing vegetables (such as cauliflower, spinach etc.) have high purine content and intake should be limited. However, total avoidance of these vegetables is not advisable, because high purine containing vegetables are not as harmful as high purine containing animal products. Our body can easily excrete purine from vegetable sources.

If you are suffering from gout or hyperuricemia (and high risk of developing gout in future), make life simple by avoiding above-mentioned foods and keep serum uric acid level under check.


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