Follow The Best Anti Aging Diet Plan

Aging is a natural and irreversible phenomenon. All human being do not want to get older or at least looked to be old. So the efforts to remove the signs of appearing older are always tried through out the human life. Upto some extent these efforts made by human against the mother nature are successful. As a result age appearance may be delayed by following a healthy lifestyle. The main characteristics of aging are wrinkles, the appearance of multiple states of fatigue, immediate health problems such as osteoporosis, muscle weakness, etc.

But the good news is that, not only biological age decides staying us in shape but, aging signs depends even on us to stay young. So it is important to our psychological profile, lifestyle adopted, the type of food we consume, physical activities we are involved and of course how do we can combat everyday stress, etc.

The main culprits of aging signs are free radicals, which are formed as a reaction of oxygen, are highly chemically reactive and tend to produce pathological changes at the cellular level in our body. Sometimes, these are the cause behind the appearance of various diseases and neoplasms (cancers).

This way the researches proved that our goal is to reduce the production of free radicals to prevent ageing. To achieve this goal, the appearance of free radicals can be greatly reduced by regular consumption of foods with full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

So the diet plays the most important role in the strategy of an individual who decided to stay in shape and as much to delay signs of aging. Here are some nutritional tips that can make more effective the fight against aging, limiting intake of fat, sugar and sodium.

Moderate consumption of mineral supplements, vitamins and antioxidants on a regular basis.

Fresh fruits and vegetables consumption is must. Cereals as integral part of daily diet. Fresh fruits contain antioxidants, enzymes and dietary fibers. The latter helps lower blood cholesterol and maintain bowel health.

Choosing soybeans and fish as a protein source of high nature. Fish contains omega-3 essential fatty acids, substances with antioxidant power and anti-inflammatory.

Body properly hydrated with 30 ml of water/kg/day. Water is essential for healthy skin, muscles, blood circulation.

As far as possible, try to avoid fluctuations of body weight.

Choice of vegetables rich in chlorophyll at the expense of tubers vegetables (carrots, potatoes).

Opting for fresh fruits or fruit juices freshly squeezed juice instead of packed (which are full of sugar or artificial sweeteners and food additives).

Above mentioned are the foods that protect us from early ageing. A healthy balanced lifestyle with more physical activity and adequate rest periods, may delay the appearance of aging and can help us to stay young longer.


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