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Four Ways to Eat More and Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, you have to eat less. This is the conventional wisdom and we all know about it (eat less for weight loss). However, this needs not to be always the way to lose weight. Now you can think of eating more and losing weight.

How nice it would be, if you can eat more and lose weight. Well, it is now possible if you are careful in selecting what you eat (always eat right food), when you eat and how you eat. It is possible to eat more and at the same time lose weight. Here is how you can eat more and lose weight:

Eat more protein rich foods at breakfast for weight loss:

It is not healthy to skip breakfast. In fact, your breakfast should be your most important meal of the day. If you have a large breakfast with protein rich foods, you will end up eating fewer calories at the end of the day. If you skip breakfast or eat small breakfast, you will be taking lots of calories throughout the day, by consuming fast foods in more quantity.

What type of breakfast you should eat for breakfast for eat more and lose weight? Well, add eggs, yogurt, nuts and whole grain, which are rich in protein. High protein breakfast will keep you energetic throughout the day and you will be spending more calories as a result. Any protein rich diet can be added in your breakfast, including meat, fish, mushrooms etc.

Eat more fruits to lose weight:

Fresh fruits (and fresh vegetables too) contain low calorie, but rich in vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and fiber. Eat more fruits and vegetables to lose weight, which will keep your stomach full but pt less calorie burden for you, thereby helping weight loss. Fruits and vegetables are very rich sources of fiber, which is important for weight loss, because fiber can fill up stomach but devoid of calories. High fiber intake will reduce your total calorie intake and help in weight loss. Eat fruits before meal, which will help you to consume less food during meal and less calorie.

What type of fruits and vegetables you should eat?

Eat fruits that have high fiber such as apples, berries, and most other fruits. Eat green (or other colored vegetables) and leafy vegetables, which have high fiber and rich vitamins and minerals.

Eat more folate and lose weight:

Folate or folic acid is an important B-complex group of vitamin. Eating foods rich in folic acid content can help lose weight better and faster. Folate and other vitamins help in maintaining insulin level and encourage body to burn more calories, instead of storing it as fats. So, eating more foods with rich in folic acid can help in weight loss.

Folate rich foods include spinach, kale, beans (kidney beans, lentils, black beans etc.), lettuce etc. So, eat more folate and lose weight.

Eat more whole grain and lose weight:

Whole grains (wheat, maize etc.) are must if you want to lose weight. Whole grains contain 6-8% protein and rich in fiber. They are digested slowly and keep your stomach full for longer duration and you end up eating less (calories).

Eat more whole grains such as brown rice, barley, whole wheat flour, quinoa, corn etc.

Who says you always have to eat less for losing weight. Now you can eat more and lose weight, only thing you have to keep in mind is, you have to eat right kind of food at right time and in a right way.

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Eat more and lose weight and enjoy life.

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