Good and Bad Foods for Diabetes

Good diabetes food Diabetes patients must watch what they eat and what they should not eat or what they should eat in moderation. This article tries to educate diabetes patients about common food items (such as fruits, meat and other protein sources, dairy products, beverages, fats and oils etc.) we (non diabetics) eat and what diabetics should eat and what they should avoid. For balanced diet we must eat variety of foods and it is important for diabetics to learn to eat balanced diet without causing a rise in blood sugar level.

Fruits contain carbohydrate, vitamins, fiber and minerals. They are low in sodium and fat. Fruits have higher carbohydrate than vegetables and need to watch this fact by diabetics while eating fruits.

Good choices of fruits for diabetics:

Fresh fruits (especially low carbohydrate fresh fruits such as guava can be preferred) such as mango, apple, citrus fruits. It is better to avoid watermelon and pineapple as they have high glycemic index. 100% fruit juice, no sugar apple sauce and dried fruits without any added sugar can be taken.

Bad choices of fruits for diabetics:

Commonly available jam, jelly with preservatives, canned fruit with sugar syrup. Sweetened apple sauce and commonly available frit drinks and fruit punch. Better to avoid these fruit products if you are diabetic.

Meat, fish, eggs and sea foods are rich in protein and need to take these foods by diabetics. But watch for high cholesterol and lack of fibers while eating these products.

Good choices of meat and other protein sources:

Baked, boiled, broiled, steamed meat and fish are good for diabetics and for all of us. Low fat cuts of meat are also good. Add non meat protein foods to reduce fat consumption.

Bad choices of meat and other protein sources:

Fried meat, fried fish pork bacon etc. are not good for health and should be avoided by diabetics.

Dairy products are consumed regularly by majority of population. These products are rich in calcium and other minerals. Dairy products are also good sources of proteins and fats.

Good choices of dairy products for diabetics:

Good dairy products for diabetics include yogurt without added sugar, skimmed milk, low fat yogurt etc.

Bad choices of dairy products for diabetics:

Whole milk, regular yogurt with sugar, ice cream, cheese etc. are bad choices for diabetics.

Beverages are consumed regularly, although beverages are absent in diabetic food pyramid or currently used diabetic food plate. Most of the beverages generally have only carbohydrates and little nutrition; hence they are bad food choices. But if you are a diabetic and like to enjoy beverages check the list below.

Good choice of beverages for diabetics:

Water, unsweetened tea, black coffee, coffee/tea with low fat milk and no added sugar can be consumed by diabetics.

Bad choice of beverages for diabetics:

Most beverages (such as soda, dessert wine, beer, regular tea or coffee, energy drinks etc.) are bad for diabetics.

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