Have Anti Stress Diet For Energy And Vitality

Stress has become a part of our everyday life. Even though it is highly unwanted, stress stems from almost all facets of our life, be it our personal lives, disturbing events in life, relationships or highly competitive professional life. It can result in problems like anxiety, panic attacks etc. research has shown that stress is a chief cause of many a diseases and aggravate symptoms of many existing diseases.

Stress causes an unexpected constriction of a person’s blood vessels. This in turn leads to increased blood pressure and larger blood flow to your stomach and intestines. As a result, the flow of enzymes is slowed or restricted. Therefore, any high fat containing foods cannot be broken down and digested well, leading to gas and distension.

Stress also causes the body to crave for more blood glucose. As a result, a person feels more hungry and eats plenty of carbohydrates. This causes weight gain.

Research shows that minor adjustments to one’s foods diet can help combat stress, making you more calm and relaxed. A balanced diet coupled with adequate exercise is ideal. One should try to avoid stimulants like caffeine. Having small meals at frequent intervals is always better than over loading your body with heavy meals three times a day.

An anti-stress foods tries to control stress causing hormone called cortisol. This largely exists in fat in one’s body. In order to combat this hormone, you must reduce your intake of caffeine. Reduction of alcoholic drinks intake also helps. Alcohol dehydrates the body. You must take liquids in large quantities to keep your body hydrated.

Smoking destroys antioxidants from your body. Antioxidants are chemicals which protects out body from free radicals and other harmful elements. Therefore reduce smoking as much as possible. A healthy diet promotes serotonin in body. Serotonin is a mood regulating molecule in the body. Therefore, the healthier you eat, the happier you will be.

Sea food are a desired component of an anti stress diet. A diet comprising of sea food, dairy products, whole wheat, nuts, protein rich food sources like meat and eggs is the best anti stress diet.

Magnesium deficiency in body leads to high stress levels. Therefore, you must have foods like carrots. Figs, sweet corn etc to increase the magnesium levels in body. Foods rich in Vitamin C should be consumed in adequate quantities in order to strengthen your immune system. Cut down on your salt intake, have potassium rich foods like bananas and oranges.

It is better to have a relaxed meal. Sit down and relax before having a meal. Have your food while sitting down. Do not mix work or worries with food. This will help you eat better and cut down on the stress. Avoid hot and spicy foods in order to avoid hot flashes.

Minor adjustments made to your food and lifestyle will help you to lead a happier and healthier life.

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