Health Benefits Of Fiber Supplements

It is essential that fibre should be made a part of our diet which we eat on day to day basis. It has vital role to play in our having a healthy digestive system. Fiber supplements facilitates bowel movement and it also helps prevent serious diseases like coronary heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and the most dreaded being cancer. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a rich source of fibre. Due to change of eating habits and development of liking for fast and junk food, the quantity of intake of fibre has decreased, resulting in spread of diseases.

In addition to drinking eight glasses of water per day, it is necessary to provide sufficient quantity of fibre to our body to prevent constipation and feel fresh.

As per the experts, our body needs about 15 grams of fibre per 1000 calories consumed. The optimum is consuming about 25 grams of fibre per day. Fibre is that component of food which is not digested by enzymes but is needed to help the process of disposal of waste products in our body. By early 1970 scientists were able to establish other benefits of fibre. Fibre which we consume is of two types. Fibre which is not soluble in water helps to facilitate bowel movement and soluble fibre, which helps bind fat, so that it is not absorbed by the body, thus reducing cholesterol level.

As mentioned above fibre helps clear the intestines. The clearer intestines also help to avoid or reduce the risk of colon cancer. Fibre helps control blood cholesterol level and sugar level in our body, thus reducing the chances of coronary heart disease and diabetes. When one eats or ingests sufficient quantity of fibre, he has a sense of fullness, thus suppressing sense of hunger and is helpful in reducing weight.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, wheat, nuts and cereals are rich sources of fiber supplements for our body and find place in our daily diet. To enable the body to have sufficient quantity of fibre it is necessary to eat staple food. Refined wheat or rice without rice bran is not good for health as the fibre present on the grain has been removed. Fast foods and junk foods are made using refined cereals. They contain a lot of fat and sugar added to make them tasty. These do not have any food value.

Wherever possible remember to eat fruits and vegetables without peeling the upper layer. This is a rich source of fibre, minerals and vitamins. By removing the skin we are wasting the essential nutrients.

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