Healthy Baby with Mother’s Milk, Nothing beats mother’s milk

After giving birth, milk coming from a mother contains colostrum. Colostrum is very good for newborn baby and contains enough fat, protein and lactose for the baby.

Doctors recommended that newborn babies is fed with their mother’s milk exclusively for six month, and even better if this is continued until the they reach two years old.

Mother’s milk contains enough nutrition for baby. It contains more protein and less fat compared with formulated milk. Beside that, mother’s milk also contains IgA and vitamin E which has important role in keeping the baby from any disease infection. High content of white blood cells also can avoid any infection. The content of growth hormone in mother’s milk also can help the growth and development of the baby.

It can be said that breast feeding a baby by her mother can bond a deep relationship between the mother and her newborn baby.


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