Healthy Diet Plan To Prevent Heart Diseases

A well balanced, proper diet is a solution to many ailments and disorders of current times. We lead a fast, stressful life and in a pursuit to achieve more, ignore the very basics of our lives. This includes our health and foods. Heart disease is one of the commonest ailments faced by a vast majority of population of the developing nations. However, the good news is that heart disease can be prevented with the help of a few simple steps for improving our diet and lifestyle.

Eggs have a high content of cholesterol. This is especially true for the egg yoke, or the yellow portion of the eggs. Therefore, you must have only about three eggs a week and no more. If you must have eggs daily or more than three eggs a week, you should avoid having the yellow portions of the egg. Egg white does not contain a high calorie or cholesterol content. Therefore they are relatively safer to have then the egg yellow.

One must be very careful while having dairy products. You must have skimmed milk as compared to whole milk. Skimmed milk will have much lesser amount of calories and also lesser fat content. It will also have lesser cholesterol content and therefore good for the heart.

Another good step is opting for non fat or low fat dairy products like milk, ice cream, cheese or yogurt. Avoid using creamed coffee. If at all, you use condensed milk for creaming your hot drinks, use a lesser quantity than you have been using. Soymilk is good drink if had without sugar or with less sugar. Soymilk has negligible cholesterol content and is an excellent substitute for milk.

It is advisable to use only unsaturated vegetable fats. Such fats include oil extracted from corn, sesame oil, olive oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, ground nut oil etc. Such unsaturated oils helps reduce cholesterol levels. However, one must remember that even unsaturated fats must be consumed in limited quantities as unsaturated fats also increases the cholesterol levels.

The key point to recognize the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats is that saturated fats harden at room temperature. Saturated fats do not contain a high level of cholesterol, but induce the body to produce more cholesterol. Examples of saturated fats are coconut oil, palm oil and palm kernel. One must also avoid use of too much of milk product fats like butter, ghee or animal fats like lard, dripping and suet.

It is proven by research that an individual needs only one tablespoon of fats each day. This also includes fats hidden in various foods. One has to sacrifice taste for a healthier lifestyle. For example, avoid fried foods. Cooking at high temperatures amends the chemical structure of oil and foods, thus robbing the body of many nutrients. Therefore, deep frying should be avoided.

By following these simple tips, one can keep one’s heart in good function order and disease free for a lifetime!


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