High-tech tools that can help you lose weight

Technologies change really fast today that sometimes it is dizzying to keep up. Instead of being overwhelmed with it, we can make good use of it to meet our goals. We list down some high-tech tools which you can use if you are working hard to shed off some pounds:

Text Messages

You can subscribe to services which automatically send messages to you about good exercise habits and healthy diet tips. Think of it as your coach reminding you of what you should do. Think of it as you virtual trainer pushing you to meet your goals.

If you want some nice subscriptions, you can check out the muschealth.com/weight which was conceptualized by medical experts and sends out diet tips.


If you have been using a smartphone for quite some time, the term apps is no longer new to you. You can get apps for your mobile phone to help you monitor your calorie intake and also log out what you have been doing in the gym.
Studies have found that keeping track of your food intake and maintaining a workout journal can help a lot in losing weight. Using an app is a lot more convenient than bringing a notebook around and adding figures at the end of the day. Apps do all the math work for you and they are very easy to use.

Video Games for fitness

Make good use of your Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 by playing activity oriented video games. It will be fun and you will have a lot of choices. You might not burn as much calories when you work out in the gym but this will really get you moving. This is also a nice way to encourage every member of the family to exercise.

Social Networks and interactive websites

Make most of these places on the web to get tips from experts, monitor your diet, see exercise guides, and also interact with other people who share the same goals as you or struggle the same way you do. Use the connections and communication in your social network to keep you upbeat in achieving your goal. You can use your Facebook, try twitter, or see how sparkpeople.com can help you.

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