Hoodia vs Acai Berry – Which One is More Effective?

You probably learned a lot of weight loss tips in this site. From healthy foods that help improve your metabolism, to practical diet plans and supplements. Most of the tools you need in managing your weight can be acquired here.

However, weight loss is a continuous process, which means that we still have tons of things to learn before we can truly say that we have exact knowledge about fitness. Medically or scientifically speaking, different weight loss trends are changing and these changes can either be beneficial to you, or otherwise harmful.

So to give you another added weight loss knowledge, I will discuss about the differences between hoodia gordonii and acai berry. Both products are natural herbs that are known to aid weight loss. Which one is ideal for you?

Hoodia vs Acai Berry Benefits

I previously discussed that hoodia gordonii and acai berries are both beneficial in many ways, especially with regards to weight loss. In fact, both products are globally recognized as potent slimming foods. Have you tried either of these products?

So let’s start with hoodia gordonii’s health benefits. Hoodia gordonii is based from hoodia plant, which is primarily cultivated and harvested in South Africa. South African natives are using hoodia plants for various medicinal purposes but its weight loss properties were just recently discovered.

Hoodia gordonii, the plant’s main important compound, is a clinically proven ingredient that help suppress appetite. In fact, there are thousands of people around the globe that testifies hoodia’s effectiveness. Known as a natural appetite suppressant food, hoodia gordonii became one of the most in-demand by-product of weight loss researches for the last couple of decades.

Since its discovery, different companies launched dozens of hoodia-based products and dieting plans such as diet p57, which are primarily intended to profit from the growing market of hoodia gordonii phenomenon. With millions of people suffering from either obesity or overweight, the weight loss industry kept its place in the forefront of the business world.

Hoodia-based products have shown and documented positive effects on various online research websites. Curiously, there were no reported side effects or official complaints published on the Internet. However, physicians are recommending consumers to refrain using hoodia-based products as “regular supplements”. Its effects are not yet tested for prolonged period of time.

So how about acai berries? Acai berry belongs to the healthy “berry” fruit family and is known for its many health benefits. This includes antioxidant support, immune system booster, weight loss support, vitamins, minerals and many others.

Primarily grows in the Amazon, acai berries are considered as high-energy fruit from palm trees. Its delicious taste is comparable to chocolates, but is full of essential fatty acids and amino acids than chocolates and other berry fruits such as grapes.

Antioxidants will help protect you from free radicals that cause deadly diseases such as cancers and help slow your aging process. It also fight off bacterias and viruses, diabetes and helps improve digestion and cardiovascular health.

This kind of berry is so nutritious and powerful, physicians are even recommending it as a “safe” herbal supplement. Acai is known for its detox properties and in maintaining your body’s pH level. Previous studies also revealed the main use of acai berries – to help aid weight loss.

Like hoodia gordonii, acai berries are also manufactured as herbal supplements, most of which are designed for weight loss. Since acai is considered as an “exotic fruit”, you can rarely find affordable acai-based supplements in the market. Most products, even companies that are offering acai berry diet programs, are downright expensive compared to other products and services.

Because of this, more dishonest schemes are floating online, claiming that their products are made from pure acai berries, but actually they don’t. So be warned. Ensure that you are buying only the purest and 100% acai berry product for your over-all health.

Hoodia vs Acai Berry Conclusion

Based from these facts, both hoodia and acai berries are proven effective products, not just for weight loss, but for over-all health. You can try any product that you think will benefit your health more. But before you take any herb-based supplements, make sure that you consult your doctor to ensure the safety of your health, especially if you are in medication or suffering from any health condition.

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Be Careful When Purchasing Acai Berry Products From Internet Sites

The Acai berry has received a lot of attention in past years and many people claim that it is a wonder berry. It is not hard to see why many people would believe this after looking at the composition of the berry and the potential benefits it can bring to those who eat it on a regular basis. The fruit is a genuine product and has many indisputable health benefits attached to it. However, some unscrupulous companies and individuals attempt to exploit this new exotic fruit and there are now many Acai berry scams running on the internet that people need to watch out for and be cautious of. There are three common Acai berry scams to avoid. In order to avoid falling victim to such scams, it is wise to research the methods that many will use to part customers from their money. Armed with this knowledge, many people can make wise decisions about companies offering the Acai berry as a product and less people can fall victim to Acai berry scams.

The Acai berry cleanse scam is the first of the Acai berry scams to look out for and avoid. This scam encourages customers to take advantage of a free trial of an Acai berry product. If the subscription is not cancelled within a certain period of time, this purchase will then turn into a regular order. However, this is not made clear to those who signed up for a free trail and the terms and conditions are extensive and virtually hidden from the customer. When customers then attempt to cancel orders it is very difficult to get hold of the company. This type of Acai berry scam ties customers in to long standing contracts with companies selling Acai berry products and can cost a lot of money. It is therefore wise to read all terms and conditions carefully before investing in an offer and to avoid companies offering free trials for products.

The second of the Acai berry scams common today is the Acai berry detox scam. This scam will also promise customers a free trial. The only thing to pay for is the shipping for the item. However, upon paying for shipping, many customers will not receive their free trial and may be charged large sums of money. Again it is wise to read all terms and conditions of an offer before proceeding with it and to stay away from offers of free trials for Acai berry products.

The final of the common Acai Berry scams is the Acai Berry extract Ratio scam. This is where a company will claim their product is completely pure Acai Berry when it in fact only contains a fraction of pure Acai berry. Acai berry extract has a reduced number of benefits than pure Acai berry. It is important to read all of the ingredients of a product before investing in it, even if it claims to be 100% Acai berry as this may not be the case.


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