How Do Diet Pills Work?

Many people try to lose weight but dieting and exercise seem tedious and hard work. They then turn to diet pills assuming that all they have to do is to take a pill or two daily and they will be able to shed their flab easily. This is far from the truth. You can take diet pills for a maximum period of six months. You will lose weight no doubt but after a few months your body will begin to tolerate the diet pill and its effect will lessen.

As a side effect diet pills can cause serious health problems. You can suffer from headache, high blood pressure, irregular heart beat and insomnia. You can lose only about ten percent of your total body weight using diet pills. You have to eat sensibly and exercise well, or the weight will come right back.

There are prescription drugs which are available only with a doctor’s orders. Herbal diet supplements for weight loss are available over the counter. FDI considers them as food products and not drugs. They act in two ways:

1. They affect the appetite regulating region of the brain so you eat less.

2. Some are fat blockers. They inhibit the action of the enzyme lipase which breaks down fat into smaller globules to enable it to be absorbed. These diet pills prevent fat from being broken down and a major portion of it is expelled by the bowel movement.

  • An ideal diet pill should:
  • Suppress your appetite. Choose one which has the enzyme alpha amylase or a substance which can produce this enzyme.
  • The pill should increase your metabolism and burn fat. If your metabolic rate becomes high, you will lose weight.
  • It should be a diuretic so that it expels excess fluid and you do not suffer from water retention.
  • Some natural substances are said to help in weight reduction. They are:
  • Green tea extract affects the metabolism of the body and slows down fat production. At least three to five cups of green tea have to be taken daily or pills with the extract can be taken.
  • Hoodia is an African plant. It is an appetite suppressant. It makes you feel full so you eat less and consequently your calorie intake is less.
  • Herbal ephedra and caffeine- both increase metabolism.
  • Guar gum and psyllium- a feeling of fullness is felt when these products are taken.
  • Chitin is found in the skeleton of shell fish. This substance blocks fat from getting absorbed.

Choose these shortcut methods with care and not frivolously. They will not act overnight to slim you but will take time. Only those who are at least thirty percent over their ideal weight or have BMI of thirty or more should try diet pills.

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