How do I lose Weight without Exercise

Exercise is very important for losing weight. Exercise increases metabolism, improves the efficiency of the various organs responsible for fat burn and builds lean muscle mass, which in turn burn more fat.

Still if you are overweight/obese, only doing exercise is not a wise thing to do. In fact, you can really loose a lot of fat without even lifting a finger!

What this means is that only doing a lot of exercises without correcting the basic fat burning capabilities of the body is bound to end in ultimate failure and despair.

Processed food has destroyed the basic functioning ability of your body. Over-cooked food, which is devoid of any life-giving enzyme, doesn’t provide any nutrition to the vital organs.

All this onslaught of junk food combined with sedentary lifestyle and an environment full of stress results in accumulation of toxins in your body. This accumulation of toxins throughout the body undermines the functioning of the organs naturally designed to burn fat.

So the most easy solution to excess fat is, Elimination of all these toxins from the body Toxins are eliminated from the body chiefly through three ways:-

Through the air we breathe out :

We can eliminate almost 90% of all the toxins from our system by this method. Various yogic breathing techniques and regular practice of “Pranayama” will help you greatly to achieve this elimination.

Through the excretory organs :

The organs like lever, kidney and colons are always overburdened with excess stored impurities and toxins in them. This results in their not functioning at peak efficiency, which causes storage of excess fat in the body.

Hence cleaning the accumulated garbage in these organs is very important. This can be achieved by various cleaning techniques with the help of oils and herbs like Olive oil, Terminalia Chebula, Emblic Myrobalan and Belerica Myrobalan etc.

Through perspiration :

2% of the toxins are eliminated in this manner. Giving steam bath is a very effective method to eliminate fat and toxins through this route.

Supplementation of healthy life giving foods :

Eating more and more raw vegetables and foods gives the body essential enzymes needed for burning fat. Raw food means live food and live foods give life to the ailing organs of your body. Substitute atleast 25% of your daily intake with raw fruits and vegetables.

Use of naturally available herbs in a proper way to correct the functioning of all the organs responsible for fat burning.

There are many herbs recommended by the 5000 year old AYURVEDA system of medicine which can effectively improve the functioning of your body’s fat burning organs and increase metabolism. Chief among them are Aloe Vera, Comniphora Mukul (guggul), Terminalia Chebula, Belerica Myrobalan, Emblica Myrobalan etc.

Consuming these herbs in proper dosage will definitely improve the fat burning capacity of the body.

The sole purpose of this document is to give you a right picture about the mechanics of weight loss rather than to discourage you from doing regular exercises.

Remember that doing regular exercises is very important for fat loss but doing it in conjunction with cleaning and correcting your internal fat burning mechanism is Smart Work.

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