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How To Avoid Cravings For Sweets?

Many of us suffer from sweets cravings. No matter how hard we try, we just cannot seem to keep away from sweets. All the low calories diets and exercise become in effective due to this sweet tooth. But what is the main reason for this sweets craving? One of the chief cause of this is hormonal imbalances in the body especially insulin and serotonin imbalance. Unhealthy dieting and starvation diet is another cause. Eating disorders, premenstrual syndrome and adrenal fatigue may also cause sweet craving.

One should consult a doctor in order to find how to reduce the insatiable need to have something sweet. An accurate diagnosis will help. In addition some simple steps and lifestyle changes will go a long way in reducing such cravings.

1. One sure shot way to reduce sweet craving is to increase your protein intake. One can easily mistake yearning for protein to be longing for sweets. You can try to have an egg or a steak and see if the craving reduces.

2. You should make a conscious effort to reduce temptations in your surroundings. Try not to buy sweets and desserts. The lesser you have them in your house, the lesser will your mind drift in that direction. Go for a walk instead of having a dessert. Brushing your teeth or gargle with an antiseptic mouthwash will also help reduce the craving. Chewing on Gymnema Sylvestre leaves will help. These leaves will make any unsweetened food taste better than sweets.

3. Have a slice of fruit instead of the usual dessert. The sugar in fruit will be broken down easier than candies and processed foods.

4. Substitute desserts with lesser fat containing sweets. Like a small piece of dark chocolate when replaced with a bowl of ice cream will do wonders to your diet.

5. You must know all about what you eat. Sometimes, reading labels of processed foods will make you surprised at how rich those foods are. If you are aware of the sugar content in these foods, you can easily avoid them or substitute them for other foods,

6. You must also take steps to make changes in your overall diet. Having larger portion of proteins and fats will keep you satisfied. Having small frequent meals help. You should not skip meals. This will keep your body glucose level stable and reduce sweet cravings. You can try having a daily dose of multivitamins. This will again keep your blood sugar stable.

7. Eat a breakfast consisting of whole meals and non sweetened foods. Avoid sweets till mid day. Have a fruit instead. Try having a sweet vegetable drink. Avoid artificial sweeteners.

These simple steps will go a large way in reducing your sweet cravings.


Beating Food Cravings

Everyone, behindhand of how acclimatized they are with their diet, will from time to time abatement victim to cravings for one aliment account or another. For humans aggravating to lose weight, these cravings are even added of a claiming to accord with than for anyone artlessly advancement their weight. Behindhand of whether or not you are aggravating to lose weight however, cravings can be the one affair that makes you breach your accustomed comestible habits and amplify the calories you usually try to do without.

Most humans apperceive that accepting some affectionate of exercise and bistro healthy, low-fat foods is the key to advancement acceptable health, but with the animated and abrupt schedules so abounding humans accept these days, sometimes bistro appropriate and accepting exercise can be easier said than done. The best way to assure adjoin comestible adversity if you do get those cravings throughout the day is to plan advanced and use a little strategy.

For one thing, try to plan 5 to 6 baby commons with one to be eaten about every 3 hours of the day and accomplish it a point not to absence any of them. It takes an boilerplate of 2 ½ hours for the animal physique to abstract a meal, so by the time you alpha to feel a appetite advancing on, it’s about time for your next meal anyway.

Make it a point to alcohol affluence of water. Quite often, animosity of ache amid commons are absolutely your physique aggravating to arresting thirst. By befitting a canteen of baptize with you all day and authoritative it a point to yield connected “sips” throughout the day, you will accumulate hydrated, feel better, and annihilate one accepted could cause for cravings to happen.

When you are at home, consistently try to accumulate some beginning bake-apple on hand. If you are hit with a craving, bake-apple is a bigger best than block or chips. Also, accomplish a fat-free dip and cut up some beginning veggies like carrots and celery and accumulate them in the fridge. This will accord you addition quick and advantageous bite that you can just grab and eat during a craving.

Never go to a party, a meeting, or any accident area there will be aliment accessible on an abandoned stomach. This will set you appropriate up to over eat if you get there. Consistently eat a baby meal or at atomic eat a good, advantageous bite afore you go as this will advice to stop cravings from hitting you while there.

If there are assertive bite foods that you absolutely enjoy, don’t try to absolutely cut them out. You will alone overindulge in them if you can’t ascendancy the appetite to accept them later. Plan these candy into your day, and just accomplish them candy that you accept already in a while and in abstinent amounts if you do.

Remember that just because assertive aliment items are fat-free does not beggarly they are calorie free. If axis to fat chargeless snacks, be accurate of how abounding calories they accommodate and acclimatize your portions accordingly. It is actual simple to accept fat-free is “safe” and go way abdicate on them.

The next time you are hit with cravings, bethink these little guidelines and you will be able to accord with them after ruining your efforts to advance advantageous bistro habits.

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