How To Avoid Heavy Evening Meal ?

Most of us have done this. We have just had our dinner and are preparing to go to sleep. Just then, we head to the refrigerator for a small bite of cake or ice cream or a dessert. You just cannot seem to avoid this meal. And as soon as you have finished this meal, you start to feel guilty. Throughout the day, you followed a low calories, well balanced meal. But this small bite at night spoilt our effort of the entire day. We need to look into the factors which cause this involuntary craving and find a solution for the same.

The easiest solution to avoid this late evening meal is to have a small dessert at dinner time. This solution works for those who are not following a diet plan, but are still weight conscious and want to retain their fit body and figure. If you have a small dessert after dinner, this will help curb your craving for sweets and thus help avoid the calories laden evening meal.

Sometimes, you need a mood uplift and therefore you eat something sweet or tasty. Some people are in a habit of having their favorite snack like chocolates, nuts etc, at bed time. If you feel you cannot remove the snack from your life, it is totally ok. However you must remember a few rules. Do not make it a habit to have the snack daily at bed time. Have it only when you really need a mood uplift. If case you try and avoid your favorite snack for a long time, you will most definitely end up having a big portion of the same food very soon one day. Therefore it is the best to have a bite or two of the snack when you really feel like having it.

Stress has become a part of our every day lives. Be it stress due to work or stress stemming from our personal lives. In order to feel more relaxed and yet relish your food. Break up the meal into 2 parts. Have your appetizer first and take a break of about half an hour. This will make you feel fuller. After you have had your dinner, you wont feel the need for the late evening snack.

Many a times, people who feel depressed try to make their worries disappear by over eating and eating between the meals. This may help in the short run, but will only lead to aggravation to problems at the end of the day. It will not only lead to weight gain, but also give rise to many illnesses like heart trouble, insulin imbalance etc. The best solution for this problem is to try and understand this behavior with the help of a psychologist. Keeping a food diary will help you become more conscious about what you eat. This will help you keep control over your food habits after just a matter of a couple of weeks.

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