How To Balance Hormones For Weight Loss?

A number of hormones are present in our body. Each hormone has a function assigned to it by nature. At different stages of life hormones react in a different manner. In women, at the time of pregnancy and menopause, lots of hormonal changes take place. Some changes are to protect and help develop new life which has started to develop in the body of a woman. These hormones also have effect on the figure and the body of that woman.

The body weight depends upon the metabolism. In case the metabolism is slow, a person is likely to be heavy and in case it is fast, the body weight will tend to remain normal.

According to a study, the hormone adiponectin found in human tissues can help a person lose weight. This hormone tends to increase metabolism by affecting the appetite. According to researchers, this hormone can be used or activated to fight obesity and control other metabolic disorders like diabetes. Another hormone, leptin, has also been shown to reduce weight and improve metabolism. Both the hormones work in a same way by controlling the brain signals by increasing metabolism, control body weight and blood sugar.

The remarkable discovery is that with adiponectin the appetite of the person does not increase any way and the food intake remains same. However, leptin does increase metabolism and also suppress appetite, resulting in double effect on weight.

The main difference between the attempt to lose body weight by dietary control and hormonal therapy is that with dietary control, over a period of time, the body compensates reduced calorie intake by reducing metabolism. With hormonal therapy, the metabolism remains same or is increased without corresponding increase in calorie intake, resulting in weight loss. Once research is completed, and the drug gets FDA approval, hormonal drugs will be used for weight control and to fight obesity spreading in developing world like an epidemic.

Cortisol is produced in the adrenal glands of the human body. This hormone helps us fight stress, but higher level of this hormone in our body, along with diet control, can lead to weight loss. One should leave junk food which is very high in calories. Similarly, insulin is injected in the body to fight high level of blood or urine sugar level. If along with these injections, one exercises diet control, he is more likely to lose weight in addition to control on sugar level. In case of lower level of carbohydrates in our body, it starts burning fat to generate the necessary level of energy. Ketosis hormone can help further tighten the diet and reduce body bulges.

Remember that the hormonal intake should be undertaken strictly under the medical supervision. Do not attempt to take hormonal pills without prescription as these may have some harmful side effects.

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