How To Be Fit Without Following Any Diet Plan?

There are a number of diets popular now a days. You have followed a number of them from time to time and even successfully lost weight. But there might come a stage that you do not want to follow any particular diet plan. So does this mean that you will go back and gain weight? The answer is NO. Not following any diet does not mean that you will gain weight or not be able to loose any more weight. A few lifestyle changes will ensure that you not only keep fit and healthy, but also loose weight gradually. What must be remembered is that any lifestyle changes when coupled with regular exercise will work the best.

Your regular diet should work on the principle of reducing a hundred calories intake in one go. You should not cut off calories intake drastically. A hundred calories reduced in daily diet will give you about two kilos of weight loss in a month’s time. And as is popular knowledge, a gradual weight loss is healthier and easier to maintain than a drastic drop in weight. This way you can also keep your body safe from any metabolic disorders.

The first point one should remember is not to panic by sudden weight gain. This gain may be due to holidays or other reason. If you find yourself weight extra, stick to this criteria of reducing intake of a hundred calories daily. You will surely but slowly get back to your normal shape in due course of time.

Another good way of ensuring a steady weight without following any diet plan is cutting down on drinks that give you extra calories. Try to keep away from fruit juices, have fruits instead. Juices contain calories of a number of fruits and omit the fiber content. Whereas, eating a single fruit will make your hunger satisfied, with lesser number of calories.

Never skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast will make you feel tired and very hungry at lunch time. This way, you will end up consuming more calories at lunch than you saved at breakfast time. A low calorie breakfast like cereal and milk, fruits are good. You may substitute your usual breakfast with their low calories options. For example, boiled eggs can be consumed instead of a fried egg. Skimmed milk should replace whole milk. Whole grains can be consumed instead of white bread and processed pasta. Make your breakfast interesting, healthy, wholesome yet low calorie by varying the flavor of the cereal or fruit.

Soups are a good food which are not only low in calories count but also gives you a fuller feeling for a number of hours. However, keep away from soups with excessive corn flour or starch. Homemade soups made from fresh vegetables are the healthiest. Soups may be made from chicken also. However, avoid soups containing potatoes or cheese.

Always research about the so called weight loss foods. They may end up making you gain more weight!


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