How to Keep Your New Year Weight Loss Resolution!

There could be many reasons why you haven’t succeeded with the last year resolution on weight loss. Today, one year later it is what it is and don’t be afraid to fail again, because our possibilities are not determined by our circumstances. What you accomplished in year 2011 has nothing to do with what you can accomplish in 2012 and a New Year’s resolutions should be nothing more than a starting point.

First lets do a quick review why might you miss your Weight loss Resolution last time:


Did you set realistic goals?

Did you set the goals you would like achieve or the ones that community, commercials or others dictate you should achieve?

Did you focus too much on what you haven’t done or what you have done wrong instead of rewarding yourself for tiny, little steps you made toward your goal?

Did you have enough support?

Most common mistake I see during work with my clients is creating too overwhelming New Year resolutions. If today you are overeating with sugar foods, not exercising, sleeping irregularly, it would be difficult to achieve a goal of drastic change in all fields of your life, all at once on 1st January 2012. I have discovered that there is more likely to be successful, if you think of your resolution as a commitment to transform your life one step at a time. In other terms you need a plan of baby steps and a sustainable support to fulfill your New year Weight Loss resolution.

What to do to make it different this time?

Before you write down your resolution this time clearly identify WHY are you setting this intentions, including all the reasons why you desire a specific outcome and exactly who does this specific resolution serve. Write down at least 3 strong reasons, more is better and be sure to verify that the WHY is about you rather than about someone else’ s wants for you, or a way to follow the latest trend.

Next you write down your Weight loss resolution in the most exact form. Be specific in what you want to achieve, include date and quantity (cm, kg pounds,..) For example “Lose 20 pounds by July 1, 2011.”

Define the how. List what you are going to do to loose all the weight until selected date. I invite you to define not more than 3 things that you will be comfortable to do next for achieving your success. Don’t be too severe with yourself and write down specific things you can do on a daily or weekly basis to keep you on track. This ensures that your goal is achievable and that you have a specific plan to stick to it.

Be flexible and find support. Expect that your plan can and will change, because life has a funny way to test how serious your desire is to achieve your goal. When a detour in life happens flexibility and support are required to reach the desired. Support needs to be created.

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