Knowing About Food Allergies and Their Symptoms

Food allergies result when immune system of the body reacts in an abnormal manner to specific foods. While in some cases the allergic reactions are mild, in other cases they become severe enough. Food allergies can have several kinds of symptoms and can affect various areas of body. In some cases, a person can have severe allergic reaction. This condition is anaphylaxis and this can become acute to the point of threatening life. The symptoms of anaphylaxis include trouble in breathing and swollen lips. Such situations necessitate seeking medical help.

How food allergies are caused?

Allergies from food are caused when the body fails to recognize the essential elements in a specific food treating them as a threat. The immune system then releases chemicals to combat what it detects as a threat and these chemicals cause the symptoms of allergy. While a particular person can be allergic to any food, there are certain foods which are known to cause allergy. The foods include shellfish, fish, tree-nuts, peanut, egg, and milk. A person can also become allergic to specific fruits and vegetables. The conditions of allergy can be anything between eczema, hay fever, and asthma.

What are the different kinds of food allergies?

The kind of food allergy that is most common is caused by the antibody immunoglobulin E. This kind of allergy is referred to as lgE mediated food allergy. This allergy shows very rapid symptoms and can be caused immediately on an exposure to the allergen or the allergy causing product. This kind of allergy retains greater chances of anaphylaxis. On the other hand, the kind of allergies that are not IgE mediated show symptoms after about an hour or even a day. These kinds of allergies are however difficult to diagnose.


Food allergy has no definite treatment. The most favourable solution to such allergies is an identification of the allergy-causing food and keeping it at bay in future. The doctor conducts certain tests to detect the allergy causing ingredient. Mild to moderate reactions in allergy can be dealt with the kind of medication known as antihistamine. Anaphylaxis can be dealt with by the medication known as adrenaline. People with food allergies are prescribed to take auto injector pen containing adrenaline dosages when there is urgency.

When should an allergic person seek medical opinion?

When encountered with allergic symptoms, the person should visit the allergy clinic after consultation with the general physician. Getting an allergic test done helps not only in identifying the allergy causing food, but also prevents the unnecessary cutting down of dietary elements. While there are a large number of allergy-test kits available, not all of them are reliable. Some of them come with several unscientific principles which are more often unreliable. The health care professionals can carry out the right diagnosis and detect the cause of the allergy.

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