Learn to Handle Your Hunger

Learning how to handle the sense of hunger is very important to ensure the body weight is controlled. Feeling hungry is a normal thing for those who try to limit their food intake. However, you are suggested to know the actual cause of the hunger whether it is caused by psychological factor or by the physical factor and know how to overcome it.

What Causes You to Feel Hungry?

Many among us eat when we were hungry. Even though it is not feeling really hungry, they however inclined to eat to follow the eating time that was taught since they were small. Eating habit that comes from psychological factor or over-eating habit when feeling sad, stressed or even happy is another disease. Do you know, hunger caused by psychological factor is extremely dangerous because it predominates and riser of your eating passion / appetite!

Try to rethink, what causes you to eat excessively and how to stop the habit? What can you do to make sure that your attention is not directing to foods only?

Tips to Control Your Eating

Although feeling hungry, but believe it you still have ways to overcome it. Among steps that you can take is by taking more foods with low fat because it is faster to be digested and you will feel hungry faster compared to foods with high fats. However, you are advised to control it so that the foods taken are not too much. You still have to control your food intake. Other steps you can take:

Ensure each daily dish have low protein and fat contents. Eat more light snack such popcorn, raisins or beans while waiting for the real mealtime. This kind of foods can help you to feel full without raising too much calories rate inside the body.

Beside that, you also can take more fresh vegetables and fruits which are high with fiber and water content. If you can, make this food type as a daily snack especially when your stomach is feeling hungry.

Feeling too hungry can cause you to eat more than the quantity that you should be eating. So to avoid it, you are advised to eat before your stomach gets too hungry. Most of us thought that women are inclined to overeat when they return from workplace. Your eating appetite will rise when preparing food for family, let alone that you are really hungry at that time. So, as self-controlling step, you are advised to fill your stomach first by taking some low-fat yogurt or fruits before going home.

These tips also can be practiced before attending feasts or banquets to avoid you become captivated by the rows of delicious foods served on top of the meal desks.

The Hunger-Satiety Rating Scale

‘The Hunger-Satiety Rating Scale’, quoted from book titled Why Weight? A Guide to Ending Compulsive Eating (author: G Roth, New York, NY: Penguin Books, 1989) could give some explanation about hunger level of a person.


10 = Stuffed to the point of feeling sick
9 = Very uncomfortably full, need to loosen your belt
8 = Uncomfortably full, feel stuffed
7 = Very full, feel as if you have overeaten
6 = Comfortably full, satisfied


5 = Comfortable, neither hungry nor full
4 = Beginning signals of hunger
3 = Hungry, ready to eat
2 = Very hungry, unable to concentrate


1 = Starving, dizzy, irritable

When to Eat and When to Stop Eating

Note the scale above and get to know where your daily eating habit is. You are suggested to eat when feeling like in scale 4 which is when sense of hunger starts to show sign and stop eating in scale number 6. Remember, do not hold hungry feeling or let the stomach long waiting. Snacks anything that have less calorie or low-fat to fill your stomach!


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