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Leaving Breakfast Can Cause Obesity

Leaving Breakfast Can Cause ObesityOther than eating mindlessly and lack of exercising factors which often have been discussed, many did not know that stress and irregular eating schedule, especially not taking breakfast are among two contributors to the increase of bodyweight problem especially when the age of a person enters the door of 30s.

Research done by Harvard University on 1,355 men and women (starting 1995 to 2004) found that the measurement of women waistline (and bodyweight) are influenced by several causes of stress, including family, career, financial problems and the helplessness feeling because of life obstacles.

Men’s increase of bodyweight otherwise is related to stress in workplace, have no power to make decision, financial problems (hard to pay bills) and lack of ability to learn new skills in order to do a certain task.

The increase of bodyweight will be more prominent if they are already facing overweight problem as this psychological stress will cause changes of eating habit in this group of people. They will eat more or choose high calories foods as a step to calm their feeling.

Although it does not happen to all but most people make foods as a calming agent which can calm their mind, especially if they can enjoy their favorite foods. This habit, without being realized, in time can cause increase of bodyweight and indirectly adds to the existing stress.

Even more, when having a psychological stress, many lost their desire to socialize or do active activities such as sports or exercising though they are among the good ways and very effective to calm their mind.

How Leaving Breakfast Increase the Eating Appetite

Beside that, the habit of leaving breakfast because excuses like in a hurry, does not have time or too busy also have been proved can stunt the efforts to keep or reduce bodyweight because it can make the person wants to eat foods which are high in calories.

A group of researchers from The Imperial College of London when presenting their work report at the meeting of Association of Endocrine in Washington reports that when we leave breakfast, our brain will become more active when seeing high calories foods (picked by the research participants: pizza, cake and chocolate) compared to vegetables, fish and salad.

The participants themselves have admitted that they were more attracted to high calories foods. However, when the same test were made 90 minutes after having breakfast, the participants’ brain does not show significant attraction towards high calories foods.

What more, the desire to eat foods which high in calories also is far lower than when not taking breakfast.

Fasting and Breakfasting

Why breakfast is a very important meal? Breakfast function as an end of a six to eight hours of fasting during sleep at night and returns the supply of glucose and other nutrition which have been used as energy all day long. Breakfast is also very important to activate the body and mind in the morning.

This is the reason why people who did not eat breakfast get tired easily, get easily disturbed and feeling uncomfortable in the morning. This condition is more apparent among coffee drinkers because not having breakfast (and a cup of coffee), they felt harder to concentrate on work.

Breakfast can control the feeling of too hungry, thus avoiding the likelihood of eating too much during lunch. The human body is a very unique factory and it can act on it own to save energy when there is no food supply.

If not having breakfast, our body will automatically be in the ‘extended fasting’ phase (because we were already considered fasting during sleep) and it try to save energy by slowing down the fat burning process.

However, if we take breakfast, our body does not need to enter this ‘extended fasting’ phase and it in some way tells the brain that the body is ready to burn fat as energy for all day long use.

What to Eat During Breakfast

The quantity of food for breakfast depends on individual needs but please eat moderately. If not having time, it will be enough to just drink a glass of milk or orange juice and a slice of bread. Balanced food containing protein and carbohydrate is considered the best option to stimulate the metabolism processes.

Breakfast as a Bodyweight Management Step

The discoveries proved that breakfast is very important to keep a balance bodyweight and avoid obesity. Better if choosing a nutritious and healthy breakfast. The researchers also suggest that healthy breakfast is made as one of the important steps in bodyweight management and treating obesity.

It is among the easy steps to reduce the percentage of fatness and obesity problems in our country which are getting more and more worrying, especially among kids. To avoid this problem from shackling your family (bear in mind that reducing bodyweight is a very hard thing to do), you have to start the practice of having breakfast with your family members.

It not only will give the direct outcome to body health and nimble brain, but it is able to build a closer family bonds. The earlier we take breakfast, the better. Research shown that people who take eat breakfast is less likely to be obese. People who left breakfast are driven to eat more because normally at when the eating time they will feel very hungry.

Breakfast and Children’s Learning Process

Parents need to make sure that their children eat breakfast before going to school because it can increase their alertness, concentration and performance in classroom. A breakfast as simple as sandwiches, milk or cereals are enough to give energy, improve emotion and help mind awareness.


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