Make Your Summer Salads Colorful With Berries

Summers are synonymous with a range of cooling drinks and natural, wholesome foods. In order to maintain your overall health during the intense summer months, it helps to focus on what you eat and how. Salads are a great choice of food because of their high nutrition value. The ingredients in most salads offer a host of health benefits that help prevent summertime illnesses too.

While salads are the most nutritious choice of food on one hand, it is at the same time not a popular choice especially among young children and teens. In order to jazz up your summer salads and make it tastier or simply add more color to make it more tempting, you can use a plethora of berries.

More Nutrition, More Taste

There are several different kinds of berries to choose from. You must try and make fresh salads with berries during the summer season. Depending on the kind of salad you are conjuring, you can always opt for bright red strawberries, to dark colored blue berries to add a sense of d├ęcor to the food. If you are making a fruit salad, you can combine the most popular berries to add not just color but also taste to the dish.

Berries not only add color to your salad on one hand, but also maximize the nutrition quotient. Salads are meant to include a host of natural fruits and vegetables or meats of a preferred kind.

You can expect a host of vitamins, fiber, potassium and antioxidants from most berries. Make sure you opt for fresh berries for your salads. Slightly stale ones will not help compliment the taste of the salad.

Enhancing the Nutritional Value

Buying fresh berries and including them in your summer salad recipes is a sure way of increasing the nutritional quotient. However, you also have to pay special attention to the care and handling aspect to ensure that your berries do not lose out on the nutrition by the time you use them.

Once you buy your berries, make sure you keep them in a cool, dry place for storage purposes. Avoid washing them unless you are ready to use them. A simple cold water rinse would be enough.

Make sure you do not store your berries for very long. The nutritional value will deplete if you store them for long periods of time. It is advisable to buy berries in small quantities as a result.

Four Popular Berries used in Salads

The most popular berries often used in salads include lush blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Together or individually they add color and flavor to any kind of salad. You can use them as decorative pieces atop your salad or chop them up into little pieces to add to the overall taste.

So go ahead and add that color to your summer salad with your choice of colorful berries.

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