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Natural Ways to Keep Your Breath Fresh and Your Teeth Healthy

Maintaining fresh breath is an important part of overall good hygiene. Sometimes a person can have bad breath without even realizing it. Therefore, finding natural ways to ensure that your breath smells fresh and your teeth remain healthy can be a smart precaution. Everyone knows that flossing and brushing their teeth is the first step to good oral health. Many people do not realize, however, that flossing and brushing alone is often not enough to maintain fresh-smelling breath. Rinsing with mouthwash often merely masks the problem. Fortunately, there are other ways to produce fresh smelling breath naturally. If your doctor has ruled out any serious health problems that can cause bad breath, then using natural remedies could be the perfect solution.

One of the easiest ways to make sure that you have fresh breath is simply to brush your tongue. The bacteria and germs that cause bad breath love to cling to your tongue. This can give you less than a pleasant smell when smiling or speaking. Simply taking the time to brush your tongue after your other oral care can have a significant impact on your bad breath problem.

Chewing on parsley can help freshen your breath. Parsley contains natural chlorophyll that will help to prevent bad breath in the first place. Mint leaves can also be chewed, or you can make them into tea. Mint also contains chlorophyll and has a distinctive, pleasant odor that can help your mouth feel as good as it smells. It is often found as a garnish on many restaurant dishes, so make sure you take advantage of this natural breath freshener when you dine out. Lemons are also helpful for taming bad breath; they, too, are frequently used as garnishes in drinks and on entree dishes.

If you are a smoker, the solution to your bad breath is simple: quit. Extremely bad breath is just one item on a long list of unpleasant consequences of smoking. Eating garlic, especially in large amounts, can also be a common cause of bad breath. Garlic, unlike smoking, is very beneficial to your health, however, so finding a way to naturally deal with garlic breath is a good idea. Some studies have shown that the fat content in milk can help neutralize garlic. Chewing on coffee beans and then spitting them out has proven beneficial also. If you love garlic, you may also find that chewing on anise, fennel or drops of pure peppermint oil can all help with your offensive breath.

A common root cause of bad breath is having a dry mouth. Many people sleep with their mouths open, drying their mouths out and aggravating terrible morning breath. Some medications also cause dry mouth. Drinking plenty of water and chewing sugarless gum can help with this problem. Chewing small pieces of lemon can also help by stimulating saliva production.

Keeping your breath always fresh naturally is completely possible using these simple tips, especially when they are combined with good oral hygiene. After using them, you can be confident that every time you speak or smile, your breath will be pleasant.

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