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Overcome Weight Gain Through Kissing

By now, you probably learned so many things about losing weight. If you consistently reading my article posts, you will know that every activities you do can help you lose weight, even while you are sleeping.

With that in mind, have you ever wonder if a kissing marathon can help you lose weight? If any physical activities could help you lose weight, then kissing is definitely not an exception. Aside from being a fun and a pleasurable activity, kissing can be very well your prime choice for weight loss.

The truth is that, kissing can help you lose weight but certainly not the best method if you are looking for fast weight loss approach. Let me give you a few details on how kissing can help you lose weight.

Kissing for Weight Loss – Is it Possible?

Since we are at the highest peak of the global epidemic disease which is obesity, different types of weight loss strategies were invented to help contain the spread of obesity. This includes slimming equipments, diet pills, dance fitness routines (hip op abs, tae bo, etc.) and many others. I bet that kissing wouldn’t even be in your list of probable solutions for weight gain.

But the truth is, kissing can help you lose weight in a slow but effective manner. How? Like any other physical activities, kissing burns calories which constitutes to weight loss.

Kissing is a sign of love and respect to your partner. It is also a sign of romance and passion which further strengthens your relationship. Above all, kissing can lead to sex which is another proven effective weight loss method. Kissing releases endorphins, the hormones that controls emotions. This is the reason why we feel good when we show our romantic side to our partner.

Ironically, the amount of calories you burn through kissing, is entirely based on your weight and of course intensity. A minute of normal kissing can burn up to 6 calories, way better than sitting in a couch watching TV. Kissing kicks up your metabolism which results to better weight loss. Philematology (study of kissing), an intense kissing can burn at least 12 calories per 5 minutes. So the more you enjoy yourself, the more you get slimmer!

If you do the math, one pound is equal to 3,500 calories. This means that you have to apply a strict kissing diet just to lose a pound. Your goal is to kiss at least 10 minutes per day and you will surely lessen your calories. But this is not an encouragement for you to become a vigorous and kiss maniac. Of course you have to treat kissing as just one of your ways to lose weight.

Health Benefits of Kissing

Now that you know that kissing can help burn calories, it’s time to uncover its other health benefits. As I have said earlier, an intense lip lock is a mood enhancer, relieving you from stress. This activity also triggers adrenaline rush, which helps regulate efficient blood circulation throughout the body.

She Now compiled a list of health benefits of kissing. These includes the following:

  • helps prevents tooth decay
  • natural relaxant
  • lowers your blood cholesterol
  • helps regulates blood pressure
  • boosts self-confidence
  • strengthens relationship

Summary on Kissing for Weight Loss

Kissing is a sure way to make your relationship more intimate and meaningful. In addition to that, a consistent lip work with your partner will help boost metabolism which constitutes to weight loss. It is not ideal for it to be considered as the only regimen for weight loss but only as support to your weight loss program.

In conjunction with regular exercise, proper and balanced diet as well as your weight loss supplements, kissing can be a great addition to level up your fitness regimens. Now you know how weight loss can be fun and at the same time pleasurable through intense kissing diet!

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