Overcome Your Bad Food Habits

Bad food habits have become a part of our lifestyle. Each one of us are extremely busy and lead a fast life. Pressures of work, family, multitasking, deadlines lead us to ignore many aspects of our personal lives. Food being one of the things we ignore – or rather nutritious food. When was the last time you stopped and gave a thought to what you were eating, or the nutritional value of the food stuff, or planned your family’s meal chart for the week? Ignoring or not paying attention to food that you consume is almost a part if our lives.

It is very important to correct this habit. Just a few life style changes and changes in food habits will lead to a lot of improvement in your life. You will feel better and live better. You will find yourself more comfortable and your body will be able to combat and stay away from a number of chronic and life threatening diseases.

The first step towards healthier food habits are to reduce and minimize the intake of junk food and foods with high sugar and fat content. Keep away from fried foods and processed foods available off the shelf. Foods like french fries, fried crackers, the fried corn chips etc should be avoided. They do not have much nutritional value. On the other hand they cause obesity and lead to an increase in the blood pressure.

One should have a regular meal pattern. You should eat atleast three meals a day. Avoid eating between meals. One should resist temptation of snacking every now and then. If you feel hungry, one should have a fruit or a healthy and low fat food item like skimmed milk yoghurt or cereal. Eating small, healthy and low fat meal will keep you fit and also keep your weight down. You will not suffer from any diseases related to a bad lifestyle. You will be able to have a healthier heart, stomach, digestive system and brain. You must have a proper breakfast. The breakfast can be low fat, but filling. This will ensure that your metabolism remains high and you don’t feel famished and drained out by lunch time.

It is always better to consume whole grains and whole wheat instead of polished and processed foods. Avoid refined cereals. Have unrefined breads and cereals which have a higher fiber content than their refined variations. Fiber allows the stomach to get a fuller feeling and also the food to move through the digestive system properly and easily. Thus nutrients get absorbed easily. However fats and cholesterol take a longer period to get absorbed in the body and thus the body cholesterol and body weight can be kept in control.

Alcohol is another beverage which you need to keep away from. Alcohol reduces the speed at which fats are removed from the body. Therefore, the amount of fats in the blood stream increases. Alcohol also make the muscles of the heart weak. Alcohol has a high fat content, and therefore, contributes to obesity.


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